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Easy Guide To Delete from PC is a fake search engine that claims to be genuine search provider. It promises to enhance user’s search experience. But unfortunately it’s all claims and promises are false. It is only created with the aim to generate web traffic for their partner sites. It will show third party ads and sponsored results on your browser and redirect to sponsored webpage. It also collect users browsing habits for collecting vital information It can harm your system very badly if stay long time into the PC.   So we are highly recommended to remove quickly from system. In order to know how to remove this threat completely from your system read this carefully tills the end.

Know About  : is a rogue webpage that looks like as a genuine search provider which claims allows users to search the TV channel remotely. Judging at the first inspection this tool seems so legit and useful. But unfortunately it’s all claims are false yet it is mainly designed to delivers third party intrusive advertisements as well as redirect users to untrustworthy site. However, it is identified as a browser hijacker potentially unwanted program, and redirect virus. It was discovered by the team of cyber hacker with the main target to makes illegal money through manipulate innocent users. It often comes with the package of fake software spam email attachments, clicking on malicious links and other tricky ways. Once installed successfully firstly it takes control over the well-known web browser like as Mozilla Firefox, internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Edge etc. It makes the browser so strange for the users by the several alternations like as internet setting, browser setting, homepage setting and other important setting etc. It also assign the homepage and default search engine with fake search engine which gets unwanted searching results as well as redirect to legitimate search engine Yahoo, Google, Bing and other.

It also shows fake security alert message that your system software like as adobe flash player is out of date thus it is highly advice to update now. But it is only a trick users into downloading and installing third party rogue software program with the aim to makes illegal commission and spreads lots of infection into the system like as adware, spyware, malware etc. it also delivers pop-up ads, banners, survey, coupons and other intrusive advertisements  on the running webpage which users most visited. The main intention behind it to diminish the browsing experience so that it overlaps webpage content and slow down browsing speed. Once click on these ads might cause redirect to untrustworthy or rouge sale-based, scam website. Sometimes triggered on these ads might execute malicious scripts which may download or install potentially unwanted program.

More Harmful Effects of

  • It has the ability to inactivate the system security and privacy by deactivate firewall, task manager, control panel and real antivirus program.
  • It creates duplicate files itself and deeply hides into the system. It also delete all existing files and create a new file as a same name which infectious.
  • It has the ability to track user’s online browsing experience like as search queries, web histories, and cookies to collect private and sensitive details like as email-id, password, bank account details, IP address, geo-locations and other details. Cyber-criminal uses these details to generate illegal revenue.
  • It takes huge resources of the system memory and slowdown overall performance.

Threat Summary:


Threat Type: Redirect Virus, Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP)

Fake Functionality: is a fake search provider app that claims to be genuine application and promises to enhance user’s search experience.

Distribution Methods: Usually, get enters into the System spam email attachments, Downloading unwanted Program, updating System Software, Clicking on malicious links, peer to peer sharing files and other social engineering techniques.

Removal Process: In order to keep the System safe and secure users are highly advice scan the PC with reputable antimalware tool.

How did distributed into the System: mostly  distributed  into the System via the spam email attachments,  freeware program, Updating System Software, Clicking on malicious links, peer to peer sharing files and other online activities. Cyber offender often sends thousands of spam email which contains malicious attachments like as word, documents, text, zip, archer, java script and so on. Opening such types of files might cause the installation of such types of infections.  Bundling is a deceptive trick which often used by the cyber-criminal to force download or installed third party software which include additional features. Downloading and installing freeware program from third party site cause the installation of unwanted program. They also skip custom or advance option as well as other similar setting. It also comes with while users update the System software from unknown downloader site, clicking on malicious and suspicious links as well as peer to peer share files through bad network environments like as Bit Torrent, Clients, eMule etc.

How To Prevent  the installation of

In order to prevent the system from and other harmful threats we are highly ignore the installation of freeware program from third party webpage. Use always official site which download any program especially freeware. Read the installation guide carefully as well as must select custom or advance options. Do not receive any mail which comes through unknown address. If you do not know the sender name and address please verify that firstly. Users also must check the grammatical error and spelling mistakes. Users also must be ignoring the fake update notification if not needed. Always update the system from relevant site or direct links. Users must be pay attentive while clicking on malicious site and performing other online activities. In order to keep the PC safe and secure please scan the PC with reputable antimalware tool.

Automatically process To  Remove is a very annoying program which deeply hides into the system and makes its several copies itself and distributed into different locations. So it is hard to detect and eliminate with normal antimalware tool.  Here is given two ways to eliminate this virus. 1 Manually Steps and 2 Automatically Removal Tool. Manual process is a risky process and takes much time. If you are a technical experience users then you can follow the manual steps otherwise we are highly recommended use automatically removal tool which take little time to remove from your system.

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