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How To Remove .eduransom file virus (+Decrypt Encrypted Files) | PC Virus Care

How To Remove .eduransom file virus (+Decrypt Encrypted Files)

Know How To Restore Files from .eduransom file virus

.eduransom file virus is a malicious computer infection that belongs to the ransomware family. It is mainly designed for invade your PC and lock down all your System files. It was discovered by the team of Cyber hacker with the sole motive to extort huge money by the phishing innocent users. It is able to easily infect all kind of Windows Based Operating System including the latest version Windows 10. It uses the latest encryption process to encrypt all types of personal and System files like as word, documents, excel sheet, audios, videos, games, apps and so on. During the encryption process it renames all the files according to this pattern which consists of the cyber criminals email address, random character string and the “ .eduransom” extension. After completed this process, it drops ransom notes ” readme.doc ” into the compromised folders.

The note states the following:

Содержание записки от разработчика EduRansom:


Welcome to use YourRansom education version, I developed this program in order to test Anti-Virus Softwares and warn friends by real example.


Now all your files were encrypted, this program used AES256+RSA512 to encrypt your files. It’s really easy to decrypt, you just need to find out a 32bit key of AES.


You can also download a tool to decrypt your files from next address.


I think you will also need a manual of this tool, just download it here:


 The ransom notes ” readme.doc ”  inform victims that their data and files has been encrypted by the strong encryption algorithm. Therefore accessing even single file is impossible. There is only one way of restoring the files purchasing decryption tools and key from the cyber-criminal. Hence the data will become accessible once more and the filenames will return back to normal. To get the decryption key or tools victims are instructed to write an email to the provided email address. The letters subject/title must be the ID assigned to the victims and the body of the email must be in English language. users are  alerted that letters may not come through depending on their email service provider, they must always check the “Spam/junk” folders and resend the messages within 24 hours if should no reply. The price of the decryption key is not stated it is only depends on how fast victim will contact to the developer. The payment should be done in the form of bit-coins or other crypto currency such as Monero.  Decryption is possible, can be tested before the payment by attaching up to three small encrypted files to the emails. The total size is not larger than 5 MB and contains no valuable information. At the end of the ransom note they warned, if victim will attempt to restore data and files by the using third party recovery software then their data will delete permanently.

Should Victim pay Ransom Money:

victim should not pay the ransom money to the hacker. Because there is no any guaranteed that you will get the decryption key after paying ransom money. This nasty threat demand ransom money through Bitcoin which is completely untraceable. So that you will not able to find the hacker after paying the ransom. In most of the cases victim can lose their files and money as well.  During the paying money cyber-criminal can hike their personal and sensitive information including bank and credit card details for the evil use.

How To Restore Files from .eduransom file virus

Paying money to the hacker is highly risky way. The only safe  way to restore data and file is to firstly remove .eduransom file virus without any delay if detected into the system to prevent the remains files to encryption in future. After completed the removal process, victim can get back their files by the using backup in the form or external hard disk. If there is no any backup is available then you can restore data by the using third party recovery Software.

How did .eduransom file virus gets installed into your System?

.eduransom file virus is commonly gets  installed into the System via spam email campaign, fake updaters, downloading unwanted program, and untrustworthy sources. Spam email campaign often used by the cyber-criminal to send thousands of email which contains malicious files or linked. The mail seems important, official, urgent and similar. The attachments files comes in various format like as archive, exe, PDF, MS office, documents, java scripts etc. when these files are opened then the hidden malicious program executed into the system. Update the System software from irrelevant sources like as torrent, emule and other sources cause the infiltration of lots of infections.

How To Protect your System from .eduransom file virus:

Do not try to open suspicious email especially which received from unknown sender. If any attachment looks doubtful do not open them. Please try to know the sender sender name and address. Check the grammatical error and spelling mistakes of the content body before opening them. Users must update the System from relevant sources. Users are highly recommended try to download and install especially freeware program from third party webpage. Read the installation guide carefully till the end. Don’t Skip custom or advance options as well as other similar setting. Be pay attentive while clicking on malicious links, visiting commercial site because such types of activities also offers to install other unwanted program. In order to keep the System safe and secure victim are highly advice scan the PC regularly with a genuine antimalware tool.

Threat Summary:

Name:  .eduransom file virus

Threat Type:      Ransomware, Crypto Virus, Files locker

Encrypted Files Extension: “..eduransom ” extension

Ransom Demanding Message:   text

Ransom Amount: Unspecified

Symptoms          Cannot open files stored on your computer, previously functional files now have a different extension (for example, my.docx.locked). A ransom demand message is displayed on your desktop. Cyber criminals demand payment of a ransom (usually in bitcoins) to unlock your files.

Distribution methods     Infected email attachments, bundling methods, peer to peer sharing files and so on.

Damage: All files are encrypted and cannot be opened without paying a ransom. Additional password-stealing trojans and malware infections can be installed together with a ransomware infection.

Remove : In order to restore file victim have to firstly  remove .eduransom file virus completely from system by the using reputable antimalware tool.


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Note! In order to remove .eduransom file virus from the PC, it is important that all its processes, files and related items are removed. In order to do so in hassle-free way, we recommend you to use a powerful anti-malware tool.


Click here for the depth user-guide for .eduransom file virus removal tool.

Once the ransomware is removed from the PC, it becomes very easy to retrieve the locked files and folders. You can use your own backup files if you have created in some external storage device. Otherwise, it is advised to use a trusted data recovery tool. Download the data recovery tool here.


[Tips & Tricks] How to remove .eduransom file virus ?

If your System has infected with .eduransom file virus , then be careful. You should try to remove this Ransomware from your computer immediately. As we all know that Ransomware is able to encrypt/lock your personal files stored in your computer hard drives by adding its own extension in each file. However, it spreads the copies of itself in each location of your computer quickly and makes all types of files encrypted. So, we recommended you to remove .eduransom file virus from System as soon as possible. Here, you can get proper solution to remove Ransomware from your machine. To remove crypto-malware, read the instructions given below.

Harmful impacts of .eduransom file virus : How it gets into your machine? And what it does?

Thanks to Cyber security experts & researchers who have discovered .eduransom file virus that is activity being distribute against computer users. It uses several techniques to get enters into your PCs and makes all files of your System locked. According to experts, cybercriminals uses several techniques to spread .eduransom file virus in your machine i.e.,

  • Infected files: The hackers can create infected documents by injecting malicious codes in it and spread these malicious files via free software packages which you are downloaded from internet.
  • Phishing Campaigns: Cybercriminals use email spam techniques to distribute .eduransom file virus on target machine. They can launch large scale email campaigns and develop such websites that will impersonate genuine services. As receipt or visitors, you will see stolen or fabricated content that forced the users into downloading and running the infected files.
  • Malicious sites or file sharing network: Cyber crooks can redirect your browser’s search on shady or hacked websites and also use file sharing network to spread the harmful programs.

Further explanation about .eduransom file virus , this nasty Ransomware injects malicious codes in targeted machine and performs malicious actions against System security including disabled all the security application, block Firewall, Modifies System registry setting, locks all files and many other damages in your computer. The main motive of cybercriminals behinds the Ransomware attack is to lock your personal files and asks you to pay ransom money for decryption key. However, it spreads the copies of ransom note as explanation on your System screen which suggests you what to do when all files have been locked.

.eduransom file virus considered as crypto-virus helps extortionists to earn illegal money

It is another dangerous Ransomware program created cybercriminals for malware campaigns. Initially, the extortionists start injecting System registry to achieve and interfere with processes in Windows. However, it encrypts all files stored in your computer and displays the ransomware note in front of you on the screen. They demand certain amount of ransom money and ask you to contact their technical experts for further information about decryption key. We recommended you should not to pay any amount of extortion money for decryption. I am sure that .eduransom file virus or hacker behind this ransomware will never decrypt or recover your files at any cases. However, it could be set to delete all Shadow Volume copies from Windows Operating System. In case if your System has infected with .eduransom file virus , then you should try to remove .eduransom file virus and also try to know how to get back your encrypted data.

Preparation before starting the procedure to remove .eduransom file virus

  • Before starting the removal process, make sure you have strong backup of your all files. You should have strong backup & recovery tool to insure your files against any data loss.
  • You should follow the removal steps in proper ways and to do that you can open the instructions in front of your eyes.
  • Be patient while removal process not done and follow the instructions carefully.

Procedure 1: Boot your PC in Safe Mode to isolate and remove .eduransom file virus

Step 1: Press “Windows + R” key from keyboard and type “msconfig” and click on “OK

Step 2: Now, go to “Boot” tab

Step 3: Select “Safe Boot > Network” and click on “Apply” and “OK

Step 4: Click on “Restart” to go into safe mode

Procedure 2: Clean the System Registries, created by .eduransom file virus on your machine

In most of the cases, .eduransom file virus (Ransomware) targeted following System registries of Windows machine





To open registry editor and delete any values created by .eduransom file virus , you can follow the instruction given below

Step 1: Press “Windows + R” key from keyboard and type “regedit” and click on “OK

Step 2: Once System registry Editor opened, you can freely navigate to “Run and RunOnce” keys whose location are shown above

Step 3: Now, you can remove the value of virus by right clicking on it and removing it

Procedure 3: How to find files created by .eduransom file virus on your System?

Find files in Windows Operating System (For Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10)

Step 1: Press “Windows + R” key from keyboard and type “explorer.exe” and click on “OK

Step 2: Click on your PC either “My Computer”, “My PC” or “This PC

Step 3: Now, navigate to search box in top-right of your PC screen and type “file extension” after which type the file extension.

Find files in Windows Operating System (For Windows XP)

Step 1: Click on “Start Menu” icon and then choose “search” preference

Step 2: Now, choose “More Advanced options” from search assistant box

Step 3: After that, type the name of file which you are looking for and click on search button.

Procedure 4: How to restore or recover encrypted files? (Automatic Solution)

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Note! In order to remove .eduransom file virus from the PC, it is important that all its processes, files and related items are removed. In order to do so in hassle-free way, we recommend you to use a powerful anti-malware tool.


Click here for the depth user-guide for .eduransom file virus removal tool.

Once the ransomware is removed from the PC, it becomes very easy to retrieve the locked files and folders. You can use your own backup files if you have created in some external storage device. Otherwise, it is advised to use a trusted data recovery tool. Download the data recovery tool here.



We recommended you to please avoid paying any extortion money for decryption and use powerful backup & recovery tool to restore files encrypted by Ransomware. You can easily restore all files locked by Ransomware if you have created backup of your files in some other external storage media drives. In case if you have not created any backup of your data or not backup & recovery software is not available in your computer, then you have to use third-party data recovery tool for creating backup. To do this, follow the instruction given below

Step 1: At first, you need to download “Data Recovery Tool

Step 2: Now, execute “Data Recovery Setup” carefully by following On-Screen instructions

Step 3: After that, launch the software and scan the PC deeply to retrieve the files encrypted by .eduransom file virus

Step 4: Now, restore the files encrypted by Ransomware

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