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Remove search.epolife.com from Browser (Uninstall search.epolife.com)

Proper Solution to delete search.epolife.com

search.epolife.com is one more addition in the league of bogus search-engine provider. It is totally a dubious and dodgy domain that gives irrelevant result for the users search queries. You can get manipulated by its interface, the search-bar and shortcuts icons on popular websites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Yahoo etc. on its homepage. But remember that this a sponsored websites which hampers the overall browsing experience as well as compromises with the security of personal data. It tracks your browsing activities and shares your personal information with third parties. search.epolife.com is aggressively promoted as if it powered by Google or Yahoo but there is no truth in such claims. This is a strategy to convince user for using it as their default homepage and search engine provider.

About search.epolife.com

As mentioned earlier, search.epolife.com is a dodgy domain. It tries to become the default homepage, search-engine provider as well as new-tab URL. User will not be able to revert the previous settings of browser because it user special “Browser Helper Objects” which restricts user to revert back these settings. Any modification made by this malware cannot be rolled back very easily. In the meanwhile, it adds some suspicious plug-ins and add-ons in the browser that spy on uses activities. It tries to collect highly sensitive information such as IP address, search history, Online shopping pattern, Online banking transactions details, and other browser-related information. This personally identifiable information is shared with third parties and they will go in the unsafe hands. These data are also used to generate customized commercial advertisements which mess up the overall browsing experience.

The purpose of search.epolife.com is to generate financial benefits for its developers. It will be promoted as if it is going to improve the overall browsing experience but it will only bring Online troubles for its users. It sponsors bogus deals, coupons, price comparisons, etc. which redirects the webpage over unsafe domains. Unsafe arbitrary files are downloaded that consumes high System resources. The browser and OS starts to crash on regular interval. It becomes extremely difficult to execute normal tasks hence the removal of search.epolife.com is extremely important.

How does search.epolife.com attack?

  • Bundling itself with freeware that are downloaded from unofficial sources
  • Using shared network for file sharing
  • Downloading programs from torrents websites
  • Clicking on unsafe hyperlinks and notifications
  • Not using “Advance/Custom” installation option

search.epolife.com exploits all kinds of security vulnerabilities and loopholes in order to manage its secret entry. Once it settles down, it immediately starts malicious activities that hampers the performance of your work-station as well as compromises with personal data security. Follow the process mentioned below to delete this malware as quickly as possible.

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