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Remove cerber3 file virus (Manual Removal Process)

Instant Solution to Uninstall cerber3 file virus

Are your personal files including the multimedia files and Office files have automatically got locked? Do the encrypted files have automatically changed its extensions to .crypt or .xtbl or any other unknown unusual extension? Do you always see a ransom note labeled with cerber3 file virus which asks you to pay fine? Are you getting panic for your personal files loss? If this exactly is your situation then this blog will be very helpful for you. These are the sign of ransomware attack and you must take instant steps to deal with it.

The attack of cerber3 file virus is the result of your careless activities such as opening spam email attachments, using shared network for downloading files, downloading freeware and games from unofficial sources, using external storage drives without proper scanning and so on. Normally, the codes and files of this ransomware use “Bundling” method and get intruded in the concerned PC very secretly. Soon after successful installation, it runs multiple commands prompt in order to encrypt the targeted files. Actually it contains a list of file extensions. It does a deep scanning of System storage and looks for the files that have similar extensions which are present in its own list. Once the file extensions matches with the list of extensions that this ransomware can lock, the related files gets completely encrypted. These are generally personal files such as Word, Excel, PDF, music, images and so on. When you try to access it, cerber3 file virus will show a ransom note that has description that the files have been locked. Further, it asks users to pay the ransom amount with in a time frame otherwise the ransom amount will increase. It asks user to contact the cyber hacker through an email and pay the money through Bitcoin method so that the identity of the cyber-criminal doesn’t get revealed.

cerber3 file virus is not a new ransomware. It has its association with HELP_DECRYPT, RSA-2048 and CryptoLocker which is a well know ransomware and has already infected a very large number of PC. The question that lies here is to pay the ransom money for recovering the files or not. If you talk to cyber experts, they will never recommend you to pay the money. You are paying money to the unknown cyber-criminals who don’t guarantee that they will provide the original decryption key if the money is paid. How can you trust cyber-culprits? You should definitely not pay the money. Rather, it is recommended to recover the encrypted files from backup. At the same time, scan your PC with a powerful anti-malware tool for overall System security. Scan your work-station on regular interval so that its security settings remains intact and such harmful malware doesn’t attack in future. Remove cerber3 file virus from your PC with the help of steps mentioned below. The manual steps should be executed as exactly the way it is mentioned. A single mistake could crash your PC permanently.

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