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Remove a.thanksearch.com (Proper Solution to uninstall a.thanksearch.com)

a.thanksearch.com keeps coming back as the default homepage of my browser. I tried to remove it through the browser settings and Control Panel but didn’t succeed. Please help.

a.thanksearch.com is a very dangerous browser hijacker that ruins the browser settings and replaces itself as the new tab URL. Like a genuine search engine provider, it has a search toolbar but it never gives proper result for any keyword result. Actually, it promotes sponsored results and gets commission in return. It constantly bombards commercial ads and pay-per-click pop ups that redirects the webpage over unsafe domains. a.thanksearch.com can easily attack any browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, Internet Explorer and so on. The annoying pop-ups are spread everywhere and thus it is very difficult to ignore them. The overall browsing activities get affected because random webpage automatically opens in the new tab URL. You would notice so many unknown browser toolbar, unsafe security tools and unwanted programs inside your PC that got installed without your permission.

a.thanksearch.com invades in the marked PC by secretly normally by bundling itself with freeware installers. The freeware offerings such as Online movie streaming player, PDF converter, Java programs etc. contains harmful files and malware bundled with them. If you consult a PC expert, the first suggestion that they would give is to avoid downloading programs in your PC from unofficial sources. If you choose to download any apps, always select “Custom” or “Advance” installation process. This way if there are any additional files, you can uncheck them and their installation will be avoided. The program that you install must not change the settings and features of other programs. Also, read the terms and agreement page as well as EULA very carefully.

The most dangerous part of a.thanksearch.com is its data theft capability. It adds nasty key-loggers and plug-ins in the PC that could easily cheat highly sensitive information such as bank account details, IP address, username, and password and so on. This confidential information is cheated to earn money and they will be shared with third parties. You cannot open multiple programs simultaneously as PC starts getting to freeze time to time. The secretly downloaded unwanted programs by a.thanksearch.com normally contain insecure codes.

All the attractive features and claims of a.thanksearch.com are non-existed and it is totally true that it an unsafe domain. Every now and then, you would land over unsafe domain. You will further be manipulated with underlined ads, lucrative banners, deals, coupons, and discounts etc. which are totally bogus in reality. Clicking on any of such notifications is a big mistake and you will find yourself in trouble in the coming days. It will lure you to use its nasty services very frequently. Many of functions of default applications don’t work.

Basic Characteristic of a.thanksearch.com

  • Hijacks the browser and adds nasty plug-ins and toolbars
  • Consumes a lot of PC process and System to crash
  • Collects the information regarding users browsing habits
  • Constantly bombards commercial ads and notifications.
  • Redirects the webpage over unsafe domains.

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