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From past few days, whenever I launch the browser, it opens as the default homepage. The issue of webpage redirection has increased and a lot of suspicious notifications constantly appear on the computer display. Please help as it is disturbing the overall Online browsing experience.

Technical Details of is a perilous browser hijacker that secretly attacks the targeted PC and appears as the default homepage and new-page URL all of a sudden. It is responsible for executing many questionable and illegal activities including the modification in internal settings of browser and using nasty codes and key-loggers to spy on users activities and cheat highly sensitive personal information. On first glance, it looks like a proper search-engine provider as it contains search-bar and shortcut icons for popular websites such as Google, YouTube, and Facebook and so on. However, it supports third party sponsored websites in the search result and this is very irritating for the user. It uses special “Browser Helper Objects” that restricts the user to revert back the previous settings.

The homepage of also generates fake updates messages time to time. It tries to convince the victim to update programs like Java applications, Media Player and so on. However, you should never trust such message. Avoid clicking on “Download” or “Update” button because they often contains nasty malware code bundled with it. has been developed by cyber criminals and their only aim is to cheat the innocent victims and get financial benefits. It assists cyber-criminals to steal financial information including bank account details, password, login information and so on. It could also deceive by showing some attractive Online survey, deals, coupons, price-comparison and soon.

How Does Attack?

There are nasty bundlers and installers that assist to make a secret entry in the targeted PC. It attaches it files with freeware, emails, software update links etc. and gets downloaded in the backdoor. It is very important to read the “Terms and Agreement” and choose “Advance/Custom” installation process so that such malware infection could not secretly attack your work-station.

Harmful Properties of

  • Hijacks the browser and alters its important settings
  • Adds nasty plug-ins and add-ons in the browser and spy on users activities
  • Replaces the default homepage, search-engine provider and so on
  • Alters the important registries and System files
  • Connects the System with remote server and allows third party to access the work-station illegally

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