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How to Uninstall Permanently is yet another webpage redirect virus that looks identical to popular search-engine provider such as Google or Yahoo etc. it looks and name seems to be legitimate but don’t get tempted by it because it is totally an unsafe URL. It developer has created in such a way that the victims easily get manipulated to buy its offered services and products. is not a useful search tool rather it is a browser hijacker that alters the important internal settings of browser and constantly redirects the webpage over unsafe domains. Any queries searched on it will result in irrelevant search-result websites. When you will scrutinize the result closely, you would come to know that many of the websites in the result is sponsored and commercial and is totally irrelevant to what you have searched. Though it is projected as an ad-free domain but this claim is untrue.

What makes extremely dangerous is its data spying activities. It constantly follows the user’s activities and tries to steal sensitive information such as Online browsing and shopping pattern, Online banking transaction details, IP address, various passwords and so on. Normally, uses “bundling” and “Social Engineering Tricks” in order to get intruded in the targeted PC. Without permission, it replaces the homepage, new tab URL as well as search-engine provider with its own domain.

Tricks Used by

This browser hijacker is one of its kinds and it is extremely manipulative. It promises to boost the overall Online browsing experience by offering services such as disabling tracking cookies, automatic deletion of search history, short-cut icons for popular and most visited websites and so on. It offers plug-ins and add-ons in order to get its best services. However, once you agree to download its programs and “Browser Helper Objects”, you would notice its negative effect immediately. There will be a sudden increase in the sponsored ads and pop ups bombarding. Even the legitimate website starts showing altered contents and its keyword contains nasty hyperlinks.

How Does spreads?

The propagation of is very aggressive. It circulates through multiple means such as email attachments, bundled files and software, malicious websites hyperlinks and so on. It chooses stealth infiltration however it if you choose Advance/Custom installation process, such malware infection attack could be avoided. Be highly attentive while you are browsing Online. Follow the simple process mentioned below to eliminate permanently.

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