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Remove nomoneynohoney.xtbl (how to Decrypt/Uninstall nomoneynohoney.xtbl)

Simple Tricks to delete nomoneynohoney.xtbl permanently

nomoneynohoney.xtbl is a deadly ransomware that infiltrates in the targeted PC secretly and allows cyber-criminals to encrypt the personal files of users. It opens Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection on the targeted PC by using default username and password lists. This ways, the copies of nomoneynohoney.xtbl is spread in the network shared resources. All your personal files such as Microsoft Docs, multimedia files etc. become inaccessible and its extension names changes with a nasty and unknown name. The perilous executed codes make the personal files and applications totally inaccessible. Whenever, user tries to open the personal files, a ransom note appears over the screen that contains the details about the encryption such as  ransom money amount, email ID of related cyber-criminals, instruction about payment mode (Bitcoin method) and so on. It tries to create panic in user by compelling them to pay the ransom amount with-in a particular time period otherwise the amount of ransom will increase.

The purpose of nomoneynohoney.xtbl is to make money. It forces the innocent and non-experience computer users to purchase the decryption key in order to access their encrypted files. In most of the occasions, it succeeds in its evil aim because the victim gets panic and agrees to pay the ransom. However in most cases, the payment of ransom goes in vain. The associated cyber-criminals totally ignore the victim once they get the ransom. Neither they provide the original decryption key nor do they assist in how to make the personal files accessible again. So, it is always a bad idea to pay money to cyber-criminals because there is no guarantee that the encrypted files will become accessible again. You could never trust cyber-criminals because there aim is to cheat the innocent users and they will not going to provide any kind of profit.

How to uninstall nomoneynohoney.xtbl

As mentioned above, it is a very bad idea to pay ransom money to cyber-criminals to decrypt your personal files. It is strongly recommended that you look for “Shadow volume copies” or “backup” files of encrypted data. If that is not available then you may also try some free data recover software which is easily available over Internet. Why to waste hundreds of dollars unnecessarily if you can do the same task without spending money and is more easy way. In the meanwhile, scan your PC with a powerful anti-malware tool so that nomoneynohoney.xtbl doesn’t encrypt other important files. If you don’t uninstall all the related items of this ransomware then there is a very high chance that it will totally encrypt other files and folders.

How to avoid nomoneynohoney.xtbl

Such infection comes through bundling its files with other application hence you need to be highly attentive regarding what kind of programs you are installing in your System. Avoid downloading programs from unsafe and official sources. Select “Advance/Custom” installation to avoid unwanted files installation.

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