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What is Is it a dangerous website or is a proper search engine? I am asking these questions because my laptop browser is not working properly and its default homepage has been replaced with without my permission. I am facing some issues such as webpage redirection, commercial ads pop ups, freezing of browser and so on. Though, the browser starts working again if I restart it but it is very irritating and I have to begin my work all over again. Please help.

About is a very risky browser hijacker that usually comes bundled with freeware, spam emails, file sharing network etc. and illegally becomes the default search-engine provider and new tab URL. By appearance, it looks legitimate as it has proper search box and shortcut links to popular websites of different categories such as Arts, Health, Business, Science, Computers, Games, News, Sports and so on. However, when you click on such links, multiple new tabs simultaneously open and most of them contain malicious contents including porn. It is be noticed that it comes bundled with freeware however most of the bundlers and installers doesn’t reveal that it is containing additional files attachments with it that could be highly suspicious. However, if you choose “Advance” or “Custom” installation steps then you can detect additional attachments and avoid its installation. Deselect anything that is unfamiliar because you never know what sort of files it is.

If you are reading this comprehensive guide then here is an important note. Don’t support by any which way because you are directly helping cyber-criminals to achieve their evil desire.  Don’t gets manipulate by its bogus claims that it is powered by Google or Yahoo. It will never provide the legitimate and relevant search queries result that you would expect from it. From top to bottom, there will be sponsored websites which are manipulative and useless. The commercial pop-ups are bombarded in big horizontal and vertical boxes which are very difficult to avoid. It will show notifications for updating programs like Online video streaming, Java files, plug-ins etc. however they are extremely dangerous because it contains additional malware codes bundled with it.

Properties of

  • Illegally becomes the default homepage and search engine provider
  • Downloads suspicious plug-ins and add-ons in the browser that spy on Online activities and cheats sensitive credentials
  • Exploits the security vulnerabilities and expose it for other malware attack
  • Alters the important internal settings such as homepage, search-engine provider etc.
  • Alters the Internet connectivity and DNS settings to connect the PC with a remote server
  • Slows down the overall System performance

The chaoses that brings are very severe. It is a threat for System performance as well as for data security. Removing this browser hijacker is not a simple job because it disables the access of most of the System utilities and browser settings. However it you have technical knowledge then you may try the manual process below. For novice user, opt for the automatic removal tool which is best and easy solution.

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