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Based on the initial inspection and then later confirmed by depth analysis, is a ad-serving portal which promotes its sponsored services and products related to Cloud hosting, data storage, download links, news, freeware and so on. At first visit, you may also get excited by its promises and may wonder want next this website will offer. Researches confirm that has associated with several Online support scams and hoaxes. Additionally, it triggers phishing messages and scam security alerts with the help of nasty JavaScript.

Besides, you would notice a screenshot of in Google Chrome web-browser. This is a trick to dodge the innocent users because it looks legitimate and is always willing to help you with its fake services. This websites is used to generate huge financial benefits through aggressive illegal advertising and data sharing. It will take full control over the browser and replaces the default homepage, search-engine provider, new-tab URL and so on. The fake scam alerts are triggered continuously and it projects the claims as if the work-station is infected with severe malware. You may even see notification asking you to take technical call support or assistance by making a call on particular recommended number.

How does distribute

The circulation of is primarily executed through “Bundling” and “Social Engineering Scams”. Its codes get attached with third party programs and freeware and get installed without user permission. You can only detect such installation if you choose “Advance/Custom” installation process. Also reading the “Terms and agreement” is also very important. Don’t download any applications that ask permission for altering the settings of other programs.

Harmful Attributes of

  • Projects itself as a legitimate search-engine provider which is totally untrue
  • Shows bogus alerts alert messages and spam reports
  • Adds nasty plug-ins and add-ons in the browser that spy on users activities and leads to data theft
  • Alters the important registries and System files
  • Generates bogus commercials in the form of ads, deals, coupons, price-comparisons etc.
  • Manipulates to buy useless services and products and thus waste the money

Thus, for your PC safe-guard, it is strongly recommended to use a powerful security application PRO version in your work-station and try to get rid of as quickly as possible.

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