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How can I Uninstall from Browser

From past couple of days, the “Google Chrome” browser is working very abnormally in my laptop. A dodgy domain named as has replaced the default homepage, new tab page, search engine provider etc. I don’t know from where it came but it is sure that is a fake search engine and I want to get rid of it. It always provider irrelevant result for search keywords and always redirects the webpage to dubious websites that contains malicious contents. Please help. is a risky browser hijacker that would have attacked your PC through freeware installation of PDF converter, free games, software updates or through file sharing network. It uses tricks like “Bundling” and “Social engineering tricks” in order to secretly install itself in the marked PC. Alongside with itself, it brings perilous add-ons and plug-ins that assist it in its nasty activities.

Harmful and Malicious Attributes of

  • It is a fake Search Engine provider that promotes sponsored websites in its search result
  • Disturbs the overall browsing performance by webpage redirection and commercial ads pop ups
  • Uses data theft apps like key-loggers and plug-ins
  • Record key-board strokes and Online activities and shares it with third party
  • Allows cyber-criminals to user the Online shopping and browser behavior of user for showing customize commercial
  • Alters the important settings including browser files, homepage, registries, System files, DNS, Proxy and many more
  • Downloads so many arbitrary files that are mostly malware
  • Eats up a lot of PC resources and slows down the overall System performance is very dangerous for all the popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, and Internet Explorer and so on. The uses plug-ins and browser toolbar that play a major role in data theft. Most of the features of OS start malfunctioning. Many of the important applications become functionless. You will not be allowed to visit the legitimate website that you have bookmarked in the browser. This potentially unwanted program has been developed very sophisticatedly and it is not easy to uninstall it. Though the manual as well as automatic process to delete this malware has been mentioned below in this blog, but you must know about some general precaution measures so that you can user them if your PC has not been infected with it yet. This will help you to protect your System from such malware in future.

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