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The default homepage and search page of browser automatically gets changed with without your any notification. It clearly indicated that your PC got trapped with a pesky malware that comes under category of browser hijacker. This is very vicious infection that gets penetrated over your PC using several illegal tactics and tricks. It is capable to spread itself via modified software installers and add lots of unwanted extension, add-ons, plug-ins and toolbars to installed browsers. According to cyber analyst, its existence over your computer for longer time gives several authorizations to remote hackers. Some of them are as given below:

  • It allows you to manage all downloads
  • It also gives permission to Read and make changes in history of web browsers
  • It makes modification to websites data that you visit
  • It gives authority to make changes in apps, themes, extension and others

Along with these, it also has ability to take complete control over all installed browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari and others. virus add lots of unwanted extension, add-ons, plug-ins and toolbars that takes lots of hard disk resource and drag down overall PC running. The prime motive of this malware is to increase traffic of its own websites and promote third party products online to get chance of earning commission or some rewards from its owners. It is also capable to make changes to default PC settings that forcibly redirect your search results to strange or unknown domain full or promotional codes, banner advertisements, sponsored links and many others. virus has ability to drop other infectious malware such as worms, Trojan, rootkits, backdoor and others that drag down overall PC functioning and restricts to perform several tasks online and offline.

If this malware manages to sustain over your PC for longer duration, you have to encounter with issues such as crashes or freezes of computer, deletion of some important files, occurrence of BSOD errors and many more. It also record your online browsing movement and collect information such as banking login details, password of social sites, IP addresses and others. To get rid out of all such annoying troubles, it is necessary to take quick steps to remove virus.

Methods opted by to infect Windows PC

When you download some applications, software or other stuffs from unknown links lots of other harmful program automatically gets added to your PC. It also shows you update to download latest version of installed programs such as Flash player, media players, audio players and others. When you go for such updates, it automatically roots itself deep inside computer and cause lots of harmful operations. Visiting domains carrying porn or copyrighted content are also root cause for entry of and other related threats. In order to secure your PC from such infections, it is suggested always opt for custom or Advance installation option. You also required going for official websites to download latest version of applications. Always make use of powerful malware with real time protection feature.

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