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Decrypt/Uninstall YAFUNN@YAHOO.COM (How to Remove YAFUNN@YAHOO.COM)

Tutorial to Delete YAFUNN@YAHOO.COM

Do you feel as if your personal files stored in your PC have been encrypted by YAFUNN@YAHOO.COM? Are you facing issues in accessing your personal data? Go through this technical blog to know details about this malware and how to eliminate it from your work-station permanently.

YAFUNN@YAHOO.COM is an email ID that is related with a deadly ransomware that encrypts the personal files of victims and ask them to communicate through this email-ID for negotiating the ransom amount for getting the necessary decryption key. Its only purpose is to make money and it works on the basis of HiddenTear open-source project. It can easily affect all the browser and Operating Systems. Its attack is very secret probably through emails and installers and after settlement, it starts encrypting the personal files using AES encryption algorithm. Every encrypted files extension gets changed and a .txt file ransom note is kept in the same folder that contains information about the data encryption and other details such as how money is to paid and how to communicate with the cyber-criminal.


The intrusion of YAFUNN@YAHOO.COM is very secret. It can come through spam emails, bundlers, Installers, suspicious links and so on. Its distribution is not restricted through one platform. Some of the most common method of its circulation is as follow.

  • Visiting porn and malicious websites
  • Downloading or installing programs from unsafe sources
  • Using shared network for file sharing
  • Visiting porn websites and clicking on attractive hyperlinks promoted on it

If your work-station gets infected with YAFUNN@YAHOO.COM then first of all you should not get panic. Don’t focus on paying the ransom money because it will go in vain. There is no guarantee that you will get the decryption key once the ransom money is pain. In most of the cases, cyber-criminal totally ignores the victim once they get the ransom money. So, it is strongly recommended to execute alternative steps instead of paying the ransom money. Try to access the “virtual copy” or “Backup” files of encrypted data. Scan your PC with a powerful anti-malware tool so that all the related file and items related to YAFUNN@YAHOO.COM gets detected and removed.

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