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Decrypt XTP Locker 5.0 (How to Remove XTP Locker 5.0 Permanently)

Easy Steps to delete XTP Locker 5.0

XTP Locker 5.0   is yet another perilous ransomware that is considered to part of CTB-Locker or CryptoLocker family. It is technically very potential and sophisticated crafted. It quickly scans the entire PC so as to detect the valuable files and personal credential storage area and then encrypts it with RSA cipher. The locked files extensions get changed with .xtp file extension and in the same folder, description note file are stored such as “help_decrypt.txt”. This text file contains message regarding the encryption of files and suggests user to pay ransom amount in order to access the locked files again. It ask user to pay Bitcoins which is an Online currency which is used by cyber-criminals to receive money without revealing about their identity.

How XTP Locker 5.0   attacks the PC

There is not a single source or way through which this malware could attack, It can come in your PC through freeware attachments, emails, external drives, suspicious hyperlinks, file sharing network and so on. It doesn’t gives warning message or alerts however it do requires user permission for its installation. Basically, this means that it normally doesn’t ask permission for installation directly. It asks permission for installing some freeware which has these malware attachments with it and you are not aware. You gave the permission to install the freeware without realizing that it is containing a suspicious file attachment with it. This is why, cyber-criminals always recommends to choose “Advance” or “Custom” installation process so that the additional file attachments could easily get detected. If possible, read the whole “terms and agreement” very carefully and especially check for column where it is mentioned that the particular program might contains additional attachment or could alter the settings of other apps.

What to Do Remove XTP Locker 5.0   and access personal files

Technically, it is not easy to access the file encrypted by XTP Locker 5.0. It requires the unique decryption key which is available with the associated cyber-criminals and is kept in remote server.  This is the same decryption key for which the cyber-criminals asks money. The ransom amount is asked for this unique key but it is not safe to pay money to cyber-criminals. There has been a lot of cases in the past where cyber-criminals didn’t gave the decryption key or gave the duplicate entry even after the complete ransom amount was paid. And most of all, even if you get the decryption key, you will get other problems in access your files such as corrupted or deleted data. This simply means that paying money for XTP Locker 5.0   encryption is just wastage. But don’t get disheartened as you can still access your personal important files. You look for the alternative sources such as “Data Backup” or even “Data Recovery Software” for that matter which are easily available for free Online. Meanwhile, you need to scan your PC with a powerful anti-malware that thoroughly scans the System and remove all the related entries and files of XTP Locker 5.0 . Take the necessary steps of removal as quickly as possible otherwise you may lose you data permanently.

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