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Remove “Microsoft Font Pack Was Not Found” (Simple Steps)

Know about “Microsoft Font Pack Was Not Found”

“Microsoft Font Pack Was Not Found” is an error message which normally appears on your PC screen when you visit some malicious web pages intentionally or unintentionally. At most of the occasions, users are redirected to such perilous web portals by an adware that exists on their systems. This hazardous virus has been specially designed by a group of potent cyber criminals with their sole purpose to cheat less experience users and generate illicit profits from them. Initially upon getting installed, this nasty malware makes various unwanted changes in default browser’s settings and acquires complete control over the entire browser. After that, it starts displaying annoying error messages and disrupting users’ web sessions badly.

According to “Microsoft Font Pack Was Not Found” pop-up, your device is missing particular fonts which need to be installed immediately. You are also given a download link but, we highly advise to not click on it. This is just a scam to make you fool into downloading bogus software and make illicit revenues from you. Once you tap upon the given link, a nasty application gets installed automatically. This hazardous virus also shows commercial and other kinds of advertisements in forms of coupons, banners, pop-ups, deals, discounts, etc. All these ads are connected with third party domains and lead your browser to unknown and questioning web pages upon being clicked. So, ignore these adverts no matter how authentic they look.

“Microsoft Font Pack Was Not Found” virus eats up enormous amount of CPU resources and slows down the overall system performance drastically. Due to this, PC starts responding slower than ever before and takes more than usual time to complete any task such as starting-up or shutting down the Window, opening any file or application. This nasty malware is capable of bringing other Online threats like Trojan, worms, spyware, rootkits and even deadly crypto-virus in the machine as well because it exploits the security loopholes and opens backdoors for them.

How Does This Threat Enter Your Device

Freeware downloads, visiting malicious web domains, opening spam email attachments, sharing peer to peer network, using infected removal drives etc. are prime reasons behind its infiltration. So, it is necessary to be careful while surfing the web. Pay close attention while installing a cost free program. Read the terms and conditions carefully and always choose ‘Custom’ or ‘Advanced’ settings instead of the ‘Default’ one. Here you can deselect the additional tools that are hidden with the main program and select only the main application. Just in a case, “Microsoft Font Pack Was Not Found” virus has already infected your device, follow the simple steps given below and eliminate this malware from the PC quickly.

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