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How to remove @_README_@ Virus (cerber3) (Manual Removal Process)

Has your personal files been encrypted by @_README_@ Virus (cerber3)? Do you notice ransom message when you click on your personal files to access it? Do you see note asking you to pay some money through Bitcoin for unknown reason? If yes then the data stored in your PC is not safe. In-fact, your work-station is not safe for doing kind of Online as well as Offline activities. Your PC has been attacked by a ransomware that circulates through spam emails, freeware attachments, unsafe torrent files downloads and other exploit kits. If @_README_@ Virus (cerber3) is residing in your PC then troubles are not far behind.

@_README_@ Virus (cerber3) is a ransomware that can easily encrypts all kinds of files including music, photos, videos, MS office files, docs and so on. The extensions of locked file get changed and become inaccessible. Its creators want money from you in exchange of the decryption key which is very important for unlocking the encrypted files. You would easily notice a text document pop up which is left by hacker to inform you about the ransom payment procedure and the consequence if asked money is not paid. They give you a description on how to pay the ransom through bitcoin and use a random email account. The ransom amount is very high and its amount goes on increasing as the time passes. There are a lot of innocent users who compromise and pay the money but this doesn’t guarantees that you will get the decryption key. When our research team tested @_README_@ Virus (cerber3), concluded that paying the ransom is not the right way to get rid of it. They tool tested by paying the ransom but didn’t received the decryption key in return even after the payment. It is totally unwise to transfer the money to cyber criminals because in a way, you are supporting them in their nasty activities.

According to our own tech team, supporting any kind of ransomware by paying the ransom amount for decryption key is just wastage of money. User should maintain a backup of their important files and try to recover the encrypted files from backup. At same time, scan the work-station with a powerful anti-malware and secure it from additional such malware attacks. In order to minimize the loss of your files, it is important that the System registries, files, process etc. remains intact.

@_README_@ Virus (cerber3) urges you to pay money in order to get your personal files back. In the meanwhile it facilities cyber criminals to collect your highly confidential information such as bank account details, login info etc. Your personal files could get erased, transformed and scrambled. To sum up, @_README_@ Virus (cerber3) brings chaos and a lot of the other malware in the backdoor. It is a self-replicating infection that means that it could lock multiple files at a time. So, use a powerful @_README_@ Virus (cerber3) Removal tool that has powerful scanning algorithm and programming logics to get rid of such threats easily.

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