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Remove Secure PC Tuneup (How to Uninstall Secure PC Tuneup Manually)

Easy Steps to delete Secure PC Tuneup

From past few days, I am constantly noticing a pop up related to Secure PC Tuneup. This is happening regularly and it begins as soon as I open the browser. Additionally, the browser is not functioning properly and constantly redirects the webpage over unsafe domains. It is creating hurdles in executing normal tasks and has mess up every-thing. I think I have accidentally downloaded Secure PC Tuneup program in my PC as I could see it’s short-cut on the desktop. I tried to uninstall it many times on my own but totally failed. Please help to eliminate it.

About Secure PC Tuneup

Secure PC Tuneup is a unsafe and potentially unwanted program that secretly gets installed in the marked PC without permission. It normally comes bundled with freeware, peer-to-peer file sharing, suspicious hyperlinks, and social engineering tricks and so on. It may also be promoted as a legitimate security application on certain websites. After it settles down, it immediately starts triggering commercial ads and notification which asks you to buy certain programs or services. The annoying messages cover the entire PC screen and won’t let the victims to execute their normal tasks. This app claims to remove the junk files and remove unwanted entries in the registry editor. However, contrary to what it claims and says, it downloads unsafe arbitrary files that consume huge resources and RAM. Additional plug-ins and add-ons gets added which does suspicious activities including the cheating of personal data of users.

The attack of Secure PC Tuneup will be very irritating because it constantly generates frustrating commercial pop ups and ads on the screen while user is browsing or doing some kind of Online activities. There will be a sudden increase in the unreliable links bombarding. You will be provided with misguiding information about your PC security settings. The basic settings of browser are modified including the default browser, homepage, search-engine provider and so on. It may use key-loggers and cookies recorders that spy on user’s activities and try to steal highly sensitive information such as IP address, geographical location, Online browsing and shopping pattern, Online banking transaction and so on. All these cheated data is shared with third parties for personal financial benefits.

Remember that Secure PC Tuneup is a fake security program and it can never be trusted. It promotes affiliate programs and makes huge financial benefits of associated cyber-criminals through funds and commission. The security settings will exploited and other malware infection will be deployed in your work-station without permission.

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