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How to uninstall .ODIN extension virus (Manual Steps)

Permanent Solution to remove .ODIN extension virus

.ODIN extension virus is a newly discovered ransomware. Till few days back, the likes of Locky Ransomware and .Zepto extension was disturbing the PC users and now .ODIN extension virus is one step forward. Since the free decryption code of locky and zepto ransomware has been developed by cyber experts so its developer has now developed .ODIN extension virus ransomware with more advanced encryption algorithm and capability to encrypt more different files extensions. This is an extended version of Locky Ransomware which now encrypts the personal files with .ODIN extension. Like its earlier variant, it can easily attack your PC with the help of different kind of bundling and social engineering scams such as peer to peer file sharing network, freeware or corrupted email attachments, though suspicious hyperlinks etc. If you click on its script files, it immediately downloads an encrypted DLL installer and decrypts it using the Rundll32.exe file which is a legitimate Windows program file. Normally, it run a command as

rundll32.exe %Temp%\[name_of_dll],qwerty

Once it gets executed, the Locky ransomware gets activated which encrypts the personal files of users with .ODIN extension virus. For example, Hollywood.mp4 gets changed to 5FBZ55IG-S575-7GEF-2C7B-5B22862C2225.odin or similar names. When you to try to access them, a ransom note covers the screen which is like _HOWDO_text.html, _HOWDO_text.bmp, and _[2_digit_number]_HOWDO_text.html. This ransomware targets all kind of MS Office docs, personal files like images, videos, music and so on. The decryption instruction says that your personal files have been locked because user was involved in some kind of malicious activities which violates the Governmental law. It normally accuses user for promoting child-pornography or sharing Copyright contents. These claims are totally bogus and are a part of scam. But unfortunately, it encrypts the personal files. It asks you to pay a heavy fine which is about $500 in order to get the decryption key. The unique private key is very important to unlock the locked files.

The question that arises here is what the alternate method to uninstall .ODIN extension virus is. Well, you are safe if you have the backup of locked files otherwise you are in trouble. Unfortunately, paying the ransom money too doesn’t guarantees that you will get your locked files back. In many cases, especially the PC which got infected with Locky ransomware, user doesn’t receive the encryption key even after the money was paid. So, you can never trust cyber criminals. After all, there aim is cheat and loot the innocent users.  Try to access your locked files from backup. Instead of paying the ransom money, invest some money on powerful data recovery software to retrieve the locked files. There are many free data recover software as well which are very efficient. You can try “Recuva” or “Wondershare” which is a good data recover software and are available for free. It is important to remember that your PC need an instant scan with a powerful anti-malware tool which thoroughly scans the hard-disk and remove all the unwanted and suspicious times. Best of luck to remove .ODIN extension virus instantly.

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