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Decrypt .NOT_AVAILABLE file extension virus (Remove .NOT_AVAILABLE file extension virus with Simples Steps)

How to uninstall .NOT_AVAILABLE file extension virus permanently

If you are familiar with ransomware then let me clear that .NOT_AVAILABLE file extension virus is one of such kind. Those victims who don’t know about ransomware should know that the infection which is discussed here is a severe data-encryption malware. To boost your technical knowledge on .NOT_AVAILABLE file extension virus, let me clear that it is a nasty data-locking malware that basically encrypts the personal files of victims such as MS Office docs, multimedia files such as audios, videos, pictures and programs that the victims uses regularly. After successful installation, the malware does a deep scan of the System hard-disk and memory in search of such files. The file extension is matched with the list of extensions that it contains and thus the concerned matching files are encrypted. Since then, you cannot access your personal files unless you have the necessary decryption code. The locked files are used as a hostage for demanding ransom money from the victim.

Technical Details about .NOT_AVAILABLE file extension virus

.NOT_AVAILABLE file extension virus locks files like pptx, docx, mp4, flv and so on. The folder that contains such files is accessible but the files stored in it will be inaccessible. Additionally, txt file is stored in the same folder that contains the locked files. According to the .txt file, ransom note is asked in exchange of the decryption key. The victim is asked to pay the money as quickly as possible otherwise the amount of ransom will increase. It projects its notes as if there is no solution for user other than to pay the ransom money.

How to remove .NOT_AVAILABLE file extension virus

First of all, you should never focus on paying the ransom because it will be wastage of money. The cyber-criminals will totally ignore the victim once they get the ransom money. Either they provide the duplicate decryption key or provide an empty file. So, you must try some alterative process such as using “Virtual Copy” or “Backup Files”. If backup is not available then you may also try data recovery software which is easily available over Internet.

It is also very important that all the files and items of .NOT_AVAILABLE file extension virus is removed from your work-station so that it could not hampers the other files. So, scan your PC with a powerful anti-malware tool that has powerful scanning algorithm and programming logics to get rid of such malware threat easily.

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