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Does your browser have been hijacked by Do you constantly notice so many commercial that redirects the webpage over suspicious malicious domains? Do you see suspicious browser plug-ins and toolbar which were not added by you? If yes then this is a clear sign that your PC has been hijacked by cyber criminals. Actually, is a dodgy domain that works like a webpage redirect virus. It secretly alters so many internal browser settings and thus it affects the overall browsing experience.

Details about is a risky and perilous domain which attacks the targeted browser very secretly. It alters the browser settings and set itself as the new tab URL. Its related notification and pop ups spread everywhere over the display. Even an accidental click on it will instantly redirect the webpage over sponsored domains. It takes over the default browser homepage, search engine and the new tab URL. Legitimate and useful bookmarked websites get blocked and becomes inaccessible. When you scrutinize your PC carefully, you would notice so many unnecessary added in it without your knowledge.

How works

The aim of is to cheat the innocent users. It executes all kinds of dirty tricks and spams in order to achieve its evil desire. It constantly bombards commission based advertisements and pop ups which are very irritating and dangerous to handle. It entices the innocent victims with bogus deals, coupons, price comparisons etc. and most of time it succeeds to convince user for buying its products and services. It also gets commission and funds in return of promoting the sponsored products. There is nothing that provides useful for the users. It becomes active as soon as the System is booted and the work-station gets connected with Internet. The important registries and System files are also altered and ruined. By the time you realize the nasty symptoms and effects of, normally it gets too late to tackle it.

How targets the PC and gets inside uses “Bundling” and “Social Engineering Tricks” in order to circulate and attack the targeted System. It attaches its codes and files with no-cost program and gets inside as a default program. It is not a stand-alone infection and rather it brings so many other malware infections with it. All these suspicious files have .exe and .dll file extension names hence it easily manages to bypass the security programs. It can replicate itself in network environment and can infect multiple work-stations very quickly. So, it is very important that you remain careful regarding what are the programs and files you are downloading your System. Read the terms and agreement page very carefully and always select “Advance” or “Custom” installation process so that any unwanted file attachments gets detected and easily unselected. is extremely dangerous for every department of System performance. It attacks should be taken serious because it ruins the System performance as well as compromises with security of personal data. Follow the simple steps mentioned below to uninstall permanently.

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