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Remove EXOTIC 3.0 (Uninstall EXOTIC 3.0 with Simple Steps)

How to Delete EXOTIC 3.0 Easily

EXOTIC 3.0 is a part of ransomware belonging to “EXOTIC Squad malware”. Similar to its previous version, this also is a data encryption infection whose aim is to lock the most used personal files of uses such as MS Office doc, multimedia files and so on. The crucial System files are also encrypted using powerful cryptography process. The structure of the personal files as well as personal files and folders are totally altered so that it becomes inaccessible for users.

Due to EXOTIC 3.0 attack, the victim will notice error message like “Windows Cannot Open this File”. It is a very panic situation for the user. You will not be able to access your personal sensitive information unless you have the decryption key. Well, the cyber-criminals will only provide the decryption code once the ransom money is paid. It shows message asking to pay the ransom as quickly as possible otherwise the amount of ransom will go on increasing. The con artist or cyber-criminal behind this malware is unknown hence it is never advised to pay the ransom money.

About EXOTIC 3.0 (Technical Details)

The technical investigation is still on process by cyber-security experts. Its exact medium of intrusion and overall nasty attributes is still unknown. There is no evidence that this malware rely on single medium for attack. Rather, some researches show that it could distributes through multiple ways especially through “Bundling” and “Social Engineering Tricks”. For basic PC safety, it is always recommended to avoid downloading anything from the unofficial websites. Don’t open corrupted email attachments as it could contain several malware bundled with it.  Avoid visiting porn and malicious websites as they contain hyperlinks which redirects over unsafe websites and opens path for other malware infection.

EXOTIC 3.0 brings unbearable risk to the security of personal data. It attacks sensitive information and makes it inaccessible.  Now you cannot access your personal data including multimedia files such as photos, videos, and so on. The cyber-criminals shows ransom note when victims try to access it and basically demands to pay around 50 dollars through Bitcoin transfer. However, you should never focus on paying the ransom because it is a spam and cyber-criminal will totally ignore you once they get the ransom money.

How to decrypt EXOTIC 3.0 and access personal files

In order to make the personal data accessible, you should always focus on alternate method rather than paying the ransom money. You can look for “virtual copy” or “Back up files” or even could try free data recovery software which are easily available Online. At the same time, remove EXOTIC 3.0 using a powerful anti-malware removal tool. The removal of alt he related files and codes of the ransomware is very important otherwise it will infect other files and issue will go on increasing.

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