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Manual Guide to delete is a dangerous ransomware that locks the computer screen as well as encrypt the personal files stored in the hard-disk. It has been active for quite a while now and it has infected large number of PC in a very quick time. Ransomware is an easy concept of money making for cyber-criminals because they just have to encrypt some flies or folders and have to demand ransom from the user in order to make it accessible again. Further, it exploits the security vulnerabilities and opens backdoor for other malware such as spyware, Trojan and so on. After constantly researching on for multiple times, cyber-experts concluded that this ransomware encrypts the personal files of user using the array of symmetric and asymmetric algorithm. If you are also one of its victims then it is strongly recommended take immediate steps and get rid of this malware as quickly as possible.

Like popular cryptolocker ransomware, encodes the files and execute serious of codes simultaneously so that the encryption becomes strong. Sometime it also shows unusual survey forms which ask to reveal some personal details. It basically locks personal files such as MS Office docs, multimedia files and so on. Every time when the locked files are accessed, it shows a message asking to pay ransom amount in order to get the necessary decryption key. The money is asked through Bitcoin method so that the actual identity of cyber-criminals remains hidden. It tries to create panic by forcing the user to pay the ransom money as early as possible.

How does attacks?

This ransomware usually spread through malicious websites that contains exploits kits, installers or Trojan droppers. It disguises its codes as a legitimate application. If your PC is connected with Internet then this malware can lurk inside your PC through emails, suspicious hyperlinks, file sharing network and so on. It is very important to focus on the program that you download in your work-station. Always choose Advance/Custom installation process and reads the terms and agreement very carefully.

How to uninstall

First of all, you should never think of paying ransom money for decryption the files locked by This is a spam and you will never get the unique decryption key even after the money is paid. It is always recommended to check the shadow copy or backup files. The free data recovery software available over Internet is also a very good option. At the same time, scan your work-station with a powerful anti-malware in order to remove all the file and plug-ins associated with

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