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Remove Black Virus Lockscreen (How to Decrypt/Uninstall Black Virus Lockscreen)

Know How to Delete Black Virus Lockscreen

Black Virus Lockscreen is a nasty and perilous malware infection which has been developed by group of cyber-criminals. It creators wants the victims to use its technical support services and get commission in return. It attack is very secret so you won’t realize how and when it attacked. Generally, it attack Windows based computer that runs on pirated OS. Actually, when you attempt to update pirated version of Windows OS, you will notice Black Virus Lockscreen notification on the screen. Since then, you will not be allowed to access the data stored in your PC hard-disk. The Operating System gets totally blocked and it cannot be accessed unless a valid key is used to unlock the OS. This is the same mechanism used by Microsoft to stop piracy. However, this time the message is sent by cyber-criminals and they will ask you to pay money for useless services.

It is confirmed that Black Virus Lockscreen has connection with the Microsoft and rather it is a malware infection. Its attack gives rise to several issues such as automatic System reboot, Blocking of Windows Task Manager and so on. The computer will only accessible in the Safe Mode. A text message short-cut will be displayed on the screen which is presented as “README.txt”. According to the message, the PC will get destroyed in the next 72 hours. You will be asked to take help from a technical support. A toll-free number is provided to get the free assistance.

Black Virus Lockscreen is all about manipulation. The technical assistance notification is also a spam. You will be guided to make unnecessary changes in the internal settings of PC. The PC gets connected with a remote server that is owned by cyber-criminals. A questionable access is provided to cyber-criminals in order to access the targeted System. Hence it is advised to delete Black Virus Lockscreen as quickly as possible. A simple guidance has been mentioned below to uninstall this malware at the quickest.

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