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How to remove .93dd extension virus

Uninstall .93dd extension virus from Browser (Manual Process)

.93dd extension virus is a perilous malware which silently sneaks inside the targeted PC and starts encrypting the personal files such as MS Office docs, multimedia contents such as music, videos and so on. Like a ransomware, it thoroughly scans the System hard-disk in the search of files and folders which it can encrypts. It contains a set of files that it can encrypt and when any file matches in that file automatically get encrypted. At the same time, it shows bogus messages and notifications in order to panic the innocent users.

How .93dd extension virus works

After silently entering the marked PC, .93dd extension virus encrypts the important personal files and asks user to buy the decryption keys. The related notice and ransom note is constantly sent on computer display especially when user tries to access the encrypted files. According to the notification, the files have been encrypted because user were involved in some kind of illegal activities such as promoting child pornography, copyright contents, violation of cyber law, leaking the confidential information of some governmental agencies and so on. These are tricks to create panic and ensure user that they have done some mistake and they have to pay the ransom money which actually is a fine. All these bogus activities are executed so perfectly that the innocent users often get trapped.

How to Fix .93dd extension virus and access the encrypted files

Since your personal files has been encrypted by .93dd extension virus hence you need to have the decryption key to unlock it and then only you will be able to access it. Paying the ransom amount for the decryption key is the one option but it is not safe. You cannot trust cyber-criminals for the decryption key. There have been many cases when they didn’t provide the necessary decryption key even after the money is paid. So, the better alternative is to access the locked files from backup. If it is not available then you may try some free –data recover software. At the same time, it is very important that .93dd extension virus is uninstalled from your PC. For that, you need to scan your PC with a powerful anti-malware removal tool that has advanced programming logics and scanning algorithm.

The removal of .93dd extension virus is only successful when all its related registries, files and other items get removed. You need to correct he browser files, System files, Internet connectivity settings and various other settings of your work-station. Be calm and don’t even think of paying money to cyber-criminals. It will be wastage of time and money. The alternative methods of accessing the locked files are far more superior and safe. Meanwhile, follow the steps mentioned below to decrypt and remove .93dd extension virus permanently from your PC.

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