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Remove Ads by Not site from browser (Manual Process)

 How can I delete Ads by Not site? (Uninstall Steps)

While Online browsing, I notice a notification labeled as Ads by Not site on every webpage that I visit. Initially, the notification and pop-ups ware limited hence it didn’t worried but now the browsing experience has turned in to nightmare because the level of commercial ads bombarding as significantly increased. I am connected to Internet all the time as my work is related to Online marketing. The worst part is that the commercial websites are shown even on the admin-panel of my “WordPress” websites. I am unable to update my own websites as the new post area is full of commercial hyperlinks. The browser gets hangs time to time gets completely freeze. Please help to remove Ads by Not site permanently and provide some tips to boost the overall browsing experience.

Well, Ads by Not site is a potentially unwanted program and if you are noticing its notification and pop ups on your computer display then this is not a very good sign. Your browser has been hijacked by cyber-criminals and everything that you do on it is directly traced and tracked by them. The purpose of such adware notification is to make money. It promotes other commercial dubious websites and generates traffic. This eventually boosts the sales leads and it gets funds and commission in return. The sponsored links hidden under commercial notification are always unsafe. They will either redirect the webpage over unsafe domains or will download some kind of highly dangerous malware infection in the backdoor.

When Ads by Not site successfully attack the browser, it will definitely create a mess in the overall browsing experience. You will start noticing continuous additional banners, pop ups, interstitial links, inline ads and so on. The content of the visited webpage automatically get altered and there will be bold keyword having sponsored links hidden underneath it. You may think of contacting the owner of the website but it will be wastage of time because it is Ads by Not site which is altering the contents and incorporating its sponsored links in it.

Distribution of Ads by Not site

The circulation of Ads by Not site is executed through multiple ways. There are various monetizing platforms which is used by cyber-criminals to promote their useless services and products. Downloading freeware, opening corrupted emails, sharing files in peer to peer network, downloading apps from torrents etc. often result in the attack of harmful malware. You should be highly careful about “Bundler” and “installer” and also read the terms and agreement very carefully before you download anything in your work-station. Don’t support any deals or coupons which are labeled as Ads by Not site. They are nothing but a spam that reroute the webpage over unsafe domains.

Quick look at the harmful effects of Ads by Not site

  • Generates sponsored commercials in the form of bogus deals, coupons, price comparisons etc.
  • Downloads arbitrary files that consumes high System resources and slows down the System performance
  • The important registries and System files gets corrupted
  • Suspicious plug-ins and add-ons gets added in the browser
  • Data theft tricks and apps are applied in the System

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