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The past few days of Online browsing has very difficult for me. Actually, every URL on the browser address-bar gets relocated over and thus I am unable to access any other domain. Due to this interference, I am not able to do my day-to-day Online activities. seems like an affiliate website which is full of commercial and offers for free software downloads, adult products promotions etc. Sometime a notification pops ups asking to make a call to get technical assistance on fixing the computer issues. I have to close such notification regularly and this is very irritating. Please help. is actually a bogus search-engine provider that shows irrelevant and malicious results for search queries. Its appearance is identical to popular search-engine such as Google or Yahoo so you may easily considered it as legitimate. However, when you use it for some time, you would easily realize that it is promoting sponsored website in its search result. Its homepage is full of commercial hyperlinks and notifications. The top and bottom websites in the search result are fully commercial promoting useless services. Additionally, it alters the important browser settings without user’s permission. Special “helper objects” are used that restricts users to revert back the previous settings. The overall browsing experience gets diminished very significantly.

Data Theft Habits of

On attack, will become the new tab URL, default homepage, search-engine provider and so on. It is very clear that you can avoid this domain during Online browsing. It takes full control over the browse settings and files. So, in the meanwhile, it adds nasty plug-ins and add-ons in the browser whose task is to spy and scrutinize the activities of users. It tries to gather highly sensitive information such as bank account details, password, IP Address, Online shopping patter and so on. The infected PC gets connected with a remote server of cyber-criminals. The personal credentials are exposed publically for financial revenue. Further, it regularly shows notifications to participate in some Online surveys where it asked to answer question regarding username, Online shopping habits, IP address and other confidential information. These private data is then revealed to third parties.

How Does Attacks?

The secret attack of is executed by bundling its files and programs with other freeware applications. Additionally, it also propagates through peer-to-peer file sharing, clicking on malicious hyperlinks, opening corrupted email and so on. It is very important that you choose advance/custom installation while downloading any kind of application in the System hard-disk. Read the “Terms and agreement” carefully and download any program which asks permission to alter the settings of other applications. It is very important that your System settings remain intact in order to get maximum performance from your work-station. Practice a safe browsing and avoid visiting porn and suspicious websites.

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