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If you are constantly redirected over then this is not a very good sign because it directly indicates that your PC has been infected with a severe malware infection. The bogus notifications such as Browser files update, Java programs download, downloading PDF converter etc. are result of this perilous infection. Such alerts and notifications promote sponsored services and products. So, the whole scenario is a profit oriented spam which is executed by cyber-criminals. The developer of URL is cyber-criminal who uses this domain for promoting useless services and spams. The owner of malicious websites has a business relationship with and they have tie-ups for promoting its hyperlinks and notifications.

Technical Details of

The redirection of is a scam alerts. The notification such as BSOD error, Windows Operating System malfunctioning alert, Windows Assistance Tech Support etc. are bogus and spam. The costly technical assistance that it offers is useless and dangerous because the innocent user will be manipulated to reveal their personal identity and other confidential information. The man behind the other side of technical call support is cyber-criminal. Further, the regular notification for sponsored website promotion and freeware downloads regularly disturbs the overall browsing experience. It supports all kind of commercial notifications such as banners, ads, pop ups, inline text ads, videos, sound ads and so on. The entire display gets covered with unwanted ads and pop-ups hence it is extremely difficult to avoid such commercial ads. The worst part is that such notification doesn’t contain close icons so it cannot be closed until you close the entire browser.

Harmful Properties of

  • Triggers scam message in order to create panic and force users to buy useless services
  • Constantly shows alert messages and asks to take tech support service
  • Exploits the security vulnerabilities and brings other malware and virus
  • Supports all kind of commercial ads and disturbs the overall browsing experience
  • Alters and corrupt the important registries and System files

The problems caused by are extremely severe. The victim will lose full control over their System either it is related to Online functionality or System performance. One of its most dangerous attribute is data-theft habit. Actually, it uses special plug-ins and add-ons that constantly spy and scrutinize the user’s activities and tries to steal highly sensitive information. These cheated data are shared with third-parties and they use it for their financial benefits. Hence, it is strongly advised to delete as quickly as possible. The proper guidance with easily removal process has been mentioned below.

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