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Is a safe domain? I seem to have hijacked my PC browser. I have contacted to the owners of through emails but they didn’t provided any reason that why it has become the default homepage and search engine provider of the browser without my permission. I have tried to remove it through browser settings, Control Panel as well as registries but none of these are working for me. Please help. Manual Process will be appreciated. is a terrible browser hijacker that is compatible with all the popular browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, Internet Explorer and so on. It changes the start-up page as well as homepage which can’t be replaced even after the browser or PC is restored. It is really annoying because it never provides correct result for queries and the websites that it shows in the search result page are full of sponsored and commercial domains. The files downloaded by eats up a lot of network resources thus the Internet connectivity speed gets extremely slow. It opens security loopholes in the background and allows suspicious applications such as key-loggers and key-strokes that record every keyboard strokes. The Online surfing habits and browsing behavior of user is scrutinized and thus a customized advertisements are shown based on these collected data. hampers the browsing experience as well as it is a major threat for the theft of highly sensitive information such as bank account details, IP address, email ID, username and so on. The PC gets connected with a server so that cyber criminals could easily access the infected PC very easily from a remote location.

Some Common Symptoms of

  • Replaces the default homepage and new tab URL with
  • Sudden increase in the bombarding of commercial ads
  • Freezing of browser and other applications including plug-ins
  • Redirection of webpage over unsafe and strange websites
  • Illegally adds unknown malicious toolbar, add-ons and browser plug-ins
  • Fake System scanning with bogus result
  • Commercial ads on legitimate bookmarked websites

It is a matter of worry for anybody when their PC settings without their consent. More of the users, it is a nightmare because it is a sign that your PC is not in your control anymore. The System settings get altered and it starts behaving totally abnormal. By appearance, looks legitimate having a proper searching toolbar and searching services. It even claims to be “Powered by Google” and promises to provide most relevant and customized search results. However, all these lucrative claims are just a spam. When you open the tops links in the result page, you will get forwarded over sponsored websites where you would not like to visit. They promote awkward products and services and manipulate you to invest your money on unnecessary things.

In the background, downloads suspicious freeware that contains harmful malware and spyware bundled with it. Thousands of ads are permitted in the browsers that are triggered by adware that are downloaded in the backdoor. Hence it is strongly recommended to take early steps to uninstall from your PC.

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