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Remove (How to Uninstall Permanently)

Easy Steps to delete is a webpage redirect virus that secretly attacks the targeted PC. Due to its secret intrusion, it is classified in the category of potentially unwanted program. It can be acquired when you carelessly download freeware from unofficial sources, use unsafe shared network for file sharing, open corrupted email attachments, and so on. By the time you could understand anything, you would have accidentally given permission to download harmful files in the work-station. After it settles, you would notice automatically opens in the new-tab. It contains message and bogus notifications asking user to update particular programs such as flash-media player, codec updates, Java file updates and so on. Further, so many nasty websites automatically get bookmarked on the web-browser without your permission. looks very legitimate by appearance and its shows hyperlinks and messages for various helpful features. However, these notifications are bogus because when it is clicked, either harmful malware gets downloaded in the backdoor or webpage gets rerouted over a very risky website. All kinds of commercial ads constantly cover the PC screen. It shows standard ads, sound ads, interstitial ads, inline ads and so on. All these are trick to entice the innocent user and compel them to click on commercial links which are actually pay-per-click ads.

Due to attack, the victims will face some severe issues such as:

  • Webpage redirection over harmful websites
  • Lucrative deals, coupons, shopping benefits etc. notification that gets redirected over sponsored websites
  • Adds key-loggers and key-strokes that record user’s activities and tries to steal sensitive information such as bank account details, password, login information etc.
  • Arbitrary files and codes are downloaded which are malware
  • Slow PC performance due to high RAM consumption and System memory

The attack of is very secret. However, it is user habits that are mostly responsible for such malware attacks. It is strongly recommended that you read the “Terms and Agreement” carefully when you agree to download any kind of applications in your work-station. Select “Custom/Advance” installation process so that any additional suspicious file attachments could be avoided. Updating anything from unofficial website is also very risky. has been created by cyber-criminals and their solo purpose is to cheat and misguide the innocent users. So, secure your PC with a powerful anti-malware tool and try to uninstall immediately from your work-station.

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