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Decrypt/Remove Kovter Ransomware (How to Uninstall Kovter Ransomware)

Delete Kovter Ransomware with Simple Steps

Kovter Ransomware is a one year old malware infection but recently cyber-criminals have triggered its newer version with the same name. It is infecting the PCs in multiple geographical locations including USA as well as European countries. It enters the targeted PC secretly, blocks them and shows huge ransom note demanding for money to unlock it. The targeted PC is blocked using Winlocker component so the infected work-station becomes totally inaccessible unless you have the necessary decryption key. One more dangerous thing about Kovter Ransomware is that it tries to spy on browsing habits of users and cheat highly sensitive personal information.

Technical Details of Kovter Ransomware

Kovter Ransomware is a deadly data locker malware which also has the capability to encrypt the System files. It becomes active in the targeted work-station without adding files to registries. It launches files like mshta.exe and dw20.exe that starts encrypting the personal files and data of victims. It does a deep scan of System hard-disk in search for the files and data that it can encrypt. Now, it starts showing ransom note which asks user to pay around 0.5 to 1.5 bitcoin which goes as high as $1500 in US currency. The bitcoin method is asked for data transaction so that the actual identity of cyber-criminal remains hidden. It may also provide an email-ID which can be used to communicate and negotiate the ransom amount with associated cyber-criminals.

According to cyber-experts, It is useless to pay money to cyber-criminals for decrypting Kovter Ransomware because they will totally ignore the victims once the money is paid. The decryption keys that it offers are generally duplicate so that money you paid will become wastage. It order to access the encrypted files, you may try to access the “Backup Copy”. If it has locked the Operating System then you have you use a powerful anti-malware tool that has powerful scanning algorithm and programming logics to detect each and every file and items of your System hard-disk in search of items associated with Kovter Ransomware.

How Does Kovter Ransomware Attack?

Kovter Ransomware uses multiple malicious and tricky methods in order to circulate its files and codes in the multiple targeted PCs. It often comes bundled with emails, peer-to-peer file sharing network, malicious hyperlinks and so on. It may show bogus notification claiming that the message is coming from United States Department or Governmental Agency in order to create panic but you should always ignore such message because they contains malicious codes and ransomware hidden underneath them. There is no need to panic because you can still access your work-station smoothly. Follow the process mentioned below and try to remove Kovter Ransomware as quickly as possible.

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