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.GSupport file virus Removal (How can I Uninstall .GSupport file virus)

How to delete .GSupport file virus

.GSupport file virus belongs to a ransomware family and it is extremely dangerous to all the OS versions. It get intrude in the marked PC very silently and gets installed in deep location in order to hide itself from the security application. In the meanwhile, it does a System scan and starts locking the personal files of users such as MS Office docs, multimedia files, pictures, videos and so on. It opens the Remote Desktop Protocol connection (RDP) in the targeted PC using default username and password list. It spreads a copy of .GSupport file virus which locks highly important and personal files.

When you try to access the encrypted personal files, an error message appears on the screen which is basically a ransom note. It says that the personal files has been locked you need to buy the original decryption key on in order to access it. It tries to create panic by claiming that you were involved in some illegal activities such as violation of governmental law or the promotion of child pornography. The ransom amount is asked as a fine which goes to the related governmental agency. However, this claim is bogus. You are dealing with cyber-criminals and you are being cheated. The money that you are paying goes to the cyber-criminal account. You should never pay ransom for .GSupport file virus because this is a spam. Your money will get cheated and you will never get the necessary .GSupport file virus decryption key in return. You will either get a blank file or a duplicate key which is totally useless.

If you are one of the victims of .GSupport file virus then first of all don’t get panic. There are possible options to get your personal files and data back. It is the best situation that you have the backup of the locked files. Try to access from backup or try some data recovery software which is freely available over Internet. If you are thinking of paying the ransom money then hold on because this is just wastage of time and money. You can become a victim of additional data theft because you will be tricked to reveal your personal credentials such as bank account details, password, login-information etc. So, don’t cooperate with assistance provided by .GSupport file virus. There is no doubt that this is a serious malware infection and it should be uninstalled as quickly as possible.

.GSupport file virus is an evil tool used by cyber criminals in order to cheat the innocent users. You may think of contacting the police or FBI or with the governmental organization whose logo is used in its ransom note. However, all these will not help you getting your encrypted files back. The cyber criminals uses encrypted tunnel with fake username and contacts. So, the ultimate solution is to remove all the related items of .GSupport file virus from your PC using a powerful anti-malware tool.

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