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Remove .tmp file virus (Easy Steps to uninstall .tmp file virus

Know How to delete .tmp file virus permanently

A serious infection named as .tmp file virus has attacked my PC and is disturbing the overall System performance. I don’t know how to deal with it but definitely want to uninstall it. Please help.

.tmp file virus is a malicious Trojan infection that gives rise to a lot of issues in the infected PC. After settling down, it starts corrupting important registries and System files. The security applications are disable thus the System becomes more vulnerable to malware attacks. As it names reflects, .tmp file virus creates so many bogus .tmp files simultaneous that consumes a lot of System resources and thus the overall System performance decreases significantly. Any kind of file or program access becomes extremely slow and sluggish. The worst part is that many of the anti-malware as well as browser ad-blocker considers it as a malware but fails to detect and remove it. This malware is equally dangerous for all the browser version and some of them are:

  • Corrupts the important System files and registries
  • Downloads arbitrary files that consumes System space and resources
  • Hijacks the browser and shows irrelevant result for search queries
  • Locks the personal files and makes its inaccessible
  • Shows fake reports for search result
  • Downloads suspicious plug-ins and add-ons in the browser that ultimately leads to data theft
  • Connects the PC with a remote server and allows cyber-criminals to access the PC from remote location

Normally, .tmp file virus uses “Bundling” or “Social Engineering Technique” to get intruded in the concerned System. It is a self-replicating infection and simultaneously brings so many other malware with it. The temp file location in the Windows version is C:\Windows\System32\trz15.tmp. You may easily detect it location but this doesn’t means that it is easy to uninstall. It uses special “helper objects” that will restrict you to access or remote it. Do many irritating and manipulate error messages are constantly bombarded which tries to panic the user. Further, it executes a bogus System scan and shows reports claiming that the PC is infected with so many malware. This is a trick to convince you for making a paid technical call support services or buy sponsored security products which is useless in reality. So, it is strongly recommended to download anything in your PC wisely and take necessary steps to get rid of it immediately.

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