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Remove virus (Easy Way to Uninstall virus)

Steps to Delete virus virus is a ransomware. Once it attacks the marked PC, it encrypts the personal files of users. It comes bundled with freeware, email attachments, P2P shared network and other software bundling form. It lure you with attractive deals and offerings and when you click on the related links to get the benefits, virus gets secretly installed in the background. Its purpose is to blackmail the innocent users for money. It locks personal files such as MS Office, MS Word files, photos, videos etc. and encrypts it. When you try to access them, a ransom message appears over the screen which asks for money. In the ransom note, it is clearly mentioned that your personal files has been locked because you were involved in some illegal activities such as spreading child pornography videos etc. This is a bogus claim and is purpose is to create panic. It asks you to pay the ransom amount in particular time otherwise the locked data will get deleted permanently. It forces you to obtain the private key in order to restore the files.

According to cyber experts, virus can encrypts all kinds of personal files such as avi, mp4, PDF, xls, and so on. It shows error messages when you try to access it without the private key. It will be followed by a .txt file note that contains instruction to pay the ransom amount and restore the locked files. You will be asked to pay the money through Bitcoin System so that identity of ransom demander remains hidden.  All these process of asking money is a scam. According to our own researches, it is concluded that paying the ransom money is not the permanent solution. In most of the cases, the unique key offered to unlock the encrypted files are duplicate. The duplicate key is useless and user feels cheated. Sometime, the decryption key is not even provided and money gets detected from your bank-account. So, it is just wastage of time and money for paying virus infection.

The simple and effective solution to uninstall virus is to scan your PC with a powerful anti-malware tool. Further, access the locked files from the back-up which you have created earlier. If there is no back up then you can try some free data recovery software available Online such as Recuva, Wondershare etc. The intactness of your work-station is very important and it is only possible if you scan it with a powerful anti-malware tool on regular basis. It will scan your registries, System files, processes, etc. and removes the unwanted entries. Additionally, the browser settings are also corrected. The bombarding of commercial ads and sponsored links stops and now you can do your Online activities smoothly. The manual process to correct the browser settings, Windows Operating System as well as registries has been mentioned below. Execute these steps only if you have the necessary computer expertise.

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