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Name of threat:

  • Type: Browser Hijacker
  • Affected OS: Windows 7, XP, Vista, 8, 8.1 and others
  • Geographical Distribution: All around globe
  • Symptoms: Sluggish behavior of PC, redirection of search results to strange or unknown domains, occurrence of bogus alerts and notification and others
  • Entry Method: Through spam email attachments, use of infected removable storage device, file sharing in network environment, etc
  • Removal process: The use of Spyhunter Anti-Malware will allow you to eliminate all infectious items easily from Infected PC

Actually, is a creepy browser hijacker threat that has been developed by group of cyber criminals with their wrong intention and evil purposes. It pretend itself as a legitimate program that helps you in enhancing your browsing experience and get chance to avail online products at discountable price. Due to attendance of this nasty malware, you are unable to perform single task like installing some new hardware or software, accessing stored files or folders and many others. comes bundled with lots of unwanted toolbars, add-ons, plug-ins and malicious extension that take huge hard disk space and drag down overall functioning of PC. It also creates numerous desktop shortcuts, duplicate files or folders that take huge hard disk space and drag down overall PC performance.

Along with these, it has ability to messes up itself with important system files and damages registry entries that plays an important role in smooth and proper PC functioning. main aim is to boost web traffic of its own website and promote third party products online to get benefited by earning commission or some rewards in contrary from its sponsors. This nasty threat is capable to flood your computer screen with numerous advertisements and pop ups that shows lucrative offers, deals, discount, coupon codes and others. It tries to attract you for purchasing some products and services online. It comes featured with ability to trace your browsing movement and gather privacy details such as credit card number, banking login details, IP addresses, social sites password and others. To handle all such annoying troubles, it is strongly recommended to take immediate action to remove virus. Attendance of this infection for longer duration may lead situation to other bigger troubles like data loss, hamper of vital hardware components, deletion of important system files and many more

Unethical activities caused by virus on Windows PC

  • It add corrupt entries to registry editor and damage system files for smooth PC running
  • It changes desktop background and add other unwanted applications
  • It is capable to stop all running applications and active process
  • It shows annoying error while trying to access external storage devices

Prevention tips to avoid in future

With aforementioned details about this virus, you have got complete idea on its destructive nature and capabilities. In order to avoid such threat in future, you need to follow instruction as mentioned below:

  • ¬†Always make use of powerful anti-malware
  • Avoid downloading emails with attachments coming from unknown source
  • Avoid clicking on unsafe links while browsing Internet
  • Make use of custom or Advance installation option to install new software or hardware

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