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Remove (Know How to uninstall from browser)

Easy Steps to delete is a domain that provides Online assistance for System security. It offers tools and freeware that claims to deeply scan the PC hard-disk and shows reports on PC health. It promises to monitor the PC security and recommends necessary alteration in the PC settings if required. The million dollar question is should you trust on the recommendation or security reports shown by Definitely No. Why, because it is a browser hijacker that is commanded by cyber-criminals. There is a trick in the report which manipulates the victims to buy and use sponsored services and products. This is a potentially unwanted program having so many dangerous features which can ruin your PC performance severely and even leads to data theft issues.

Technical Details of is a notification message that comes in the form of a website page. What is say that your PC is in danger and many of its important registries and files are not working. Expert’s terms are used in the notification which gives an impression that the problems are real. It compels user to solve the current issues of PC. But, actually the issues that it notifies are bogus. There was nothing wrong with your PC until it got infected with The bogus notification will appear so regularly and randomly that you will not be able to perform any other tasks. It is threatening as well it shows alerts, BSOD error messages, error codes related to Windows OS, Trojan detection and so on. Now, one thing is very common that is it will ask you to make a call on a particular technical assistance number such as 1-855-528-XXX and so on. Though these technical calls are Toll-free but they are attended by cyber criminals and they will manipulate you to reveal highly sensitive information such as IP address, bank account details, password, and login information and so on. It gives an impression that the problems with your PC are severe and you cannot fix it without technical help. But remember that you should never contact them because it is a spam and its negative impact could be very dangerous.

Harmful Properties of

  • Secretly attacks the PC and alters the browser files
  • Changes the default new-tab page, homepage, search-engine
  • Alters or corrupts the important registries and System files
  • Exploits the System security and expose it loopholes publically
  • Downloads arbitrary files and plug-ins that are dangerous
  • Consumes high Process and System RAM

How does Attack

The intrusion of is very secret. It comes bundled with installers and bundlers that totally deceives that it is containing any additional files attachments with it. Some time it gets intrudes as a plug-ins and add-ons for the browser. Other sources could be email attachments, using file sharing networks and so on. It is very important to be highly careful regarding the files that you are downloading in your work-station. Always choose “Advance/Custom” installation process to avoid any unwanted files downloads.

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