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I am fed up with the nasty activities associated with I don’t know how my laptop got infected with it and now every-time when I connect it with Internet, I notice as the homepage and every new-tab URL also get redirected over it. Practically, I am unable to visit website other than I tried everything to remove it by altering the browser settings and uninstalling the recently downloaded programs but nothing worked. Please help.

As claimed, is a search engine extension that promises to provide the most relevant result for search queries. However, the truth is that it is associated with advertisement campaigns and promotes so many commercial ads and pop ups in every search queries. It works like a browser hijacker that assists cyber criminals in executing their nasty activities. It comes in marked PC through bundling with shareware, email attachments, suspicious hyperlinks etc. Once it settles down, it immediately alters the browser settings and registry entries. It enters start-up code so that it could trigger itself as soon as the System is booted. In the meanwhile, it drops nasty plug-ins and browser toolbar spy and scrutinizes the user’s activities. The web-browsing habits of user and their other sensitive information are sold to third parties for money. Actually, the browsing habits of users are used by third party to customize the bombarded advertisements and thus they boost up their website traffic and sales leads.

Some of the Harmful Activities of are:

  • Alters the important internal settings of PC without user approval
  • Downloads arbitrary files and codes that are normally malware
  • Alter the Proxy and DNS Settings
  • Connects the PC with the server of cyber-criminals
  • Records the Online as well as Offline activities of users
  • Crashes multiple processes simultaneously
  • Freezes the work-station regularly
  • Cheats the confidential data of users and shares it with third parties

It is strongly recommended that you take early steps to uninstall Any kind of delay or carelessness can be very risky. In the meanwhile, be highly attentive when you download any kind of applications in your PC. It is extremely important that you read the terms and agreement and EULA page very carefully. Choose “Advance” or “Custom” installation process. Simply clicking on NEXT-NEXT button during installation is very risky because you can accidentally approve to download nasty programs accidentally. Be cautious about the unknown modification especially in the browse settings. Don’t download any files or programs from unofficial sources. Prevention is always better than cure hence you should always practice a safe browsing. Never visit unsafe websites especially the porn websites which are owned by cyber criminals. You will get enticed there and get in the trap to reveal your personal information to third parties. Avoid clicking on bogus claims such as lucky winner schemes, Online surveys for claiming gifts etc. because they are mostly scam which is triggered by cyber criminals to cheat the innocent users.

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