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Short Description on is another malicious website that is associated with a browser hijacker program. It has been specially crafted by a team of potent cyber criminals with their primary objective to boost traffic for third party websites and make Online revenues from novice users. Once your PC gets attacked by this notorious browser hijacker, several weird things begin to happen onto the machine. Your default browser’s settings such as home page, new tab page and search engine are replaced without your approval. Your search results are redirected to sponsored web portals where various products and services are promoted. You are forced to install some kind of software or buy useless products even if you don’t require them. bombards your computer screen with thousands of annoying ads all over the day which makes your web sessions very problematic. These ads are in various forms such as coupons, banners, pop-ups, deals, discounts, text-ads, link-ads etc. This notorious parasite makes commission for its authors according to the clicks it gets on its adverts. All these ads are connected with suspicious domains and lead your browser to third party web pages. Nevertheless, they may also reroute you to harmful sites that are controlled by vicious hackers. So, stay away from these adverts no matter how attractive or useful they look. enables remote criminals to access the device and implement all the spiteful acts in the machine for their delicate welfare. Criminals can steal all your sensitive data relating to bank account and other financial details and use those stuffs for evil purposes. By using your personal or confidential information, crooks can take away all the money put in your bank account and lead you to be victim of cyber-crime or Online scam. And therefore, in order to prevent your sensitive data from being stolen and to avoid the threat of being a victim of cyber-crime, we highly advise to eliminate from the work-station quickly.

How Does This malware Enter your PC

It is mostly distributed through software bundling technique along with freeware or shareware programs. This perilous hijacker is attached with cost free applications as an additional tool and manages to intrude the targeted device during the installation of main software. And thus, you should always choose Custom/Advanced settings and deselect the unwanted components that look suspicious. This vicious malware is capable of disabling the working of running security measures and bringing other hazardous threats in the machine as well. Looking at all these stuffs, don’t waste any time. Just take an instant action and delete from the system.

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