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The pop-ups relate to is a spam. The BSOD error followed by a message asking to get technical help from particular number is a fraud. Such messages are very irritating because it appears randomly and covers the entire screen hence it cannot be ignored. Such spam message are triggered by potentially unwanted program which have secretly installed in your work-station and has altered its internal settings illegally. The overall PC condition and settings are changed by attck.

Technical Details about

The warning message such as System error or program mal-functioning is a part of scam. It creates panic and tries to convince that innocent users that their System has really got infected with severe malware infection. The manipulate description appears legitimate and if the victims trust on it and call for help, this malware succeeds in its trick. The other side on the telephonic call is the cyber-criminals who will demand you to make unnecessary modifications in the internal settings of PC. Accidentally, you may get convinces to alter the settings of important applications unnecessarily. All these tricks are designed in such as way the victims gets convinced to buy its services.

Buying such useless service is very dangerous for data security as well. You will ultimately share your ID and other personal sensitive information with third parties and this will be used illegally for financial gains of cyber-criminals. The scam is endless. It is very disturbing because its negative impact could be easily noticed in overall System performance.

Harmful Properties of

  • Creates panic in PC user by showing bogus alerts and warning message
  • Hijacks the browser by putting secret JavaScript files
  • Alters the internet connectivity settings and redirects webpage over random domains
  • Exploits the security settings and expose its loopholes publically
  • Drops key-loggers and key-board strokes recorders that scrutinize the users activities
  • Leads to huge financial loss by data-theft

How Does Attcks?

The intrusion of is hidden. It often comes bundled with emails, bundlers, installers, peer-to-peer file sharing network and so on. If you don’t choose the “Advance/Custom” installation process then your PC could easily get infected with this malware infection. These bundlers never reveal that it is containing any additional malware attachments with it. So, you need to be very attentive when you are downloading or updating any kind of program Online. Do read the terms and agreement very carefully.

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