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Remove ransomware (Easy Steps to Fix/Decrypt ransomware)

Complete Process to Uninstall ransomware ransomware is demonstrated as a serious and dangerous file encryption malware that can secretly scan and scrutinize the personal files of victims and makes it inaccessible unless you have the decryption key. There are so many of its version with little twist and changes in its name however our security experts didn’t found any major new traits and functionality incorporated in this ransomware.

The file encryption codes and docs are incorporated through perilous macro files which are bundled with emails. These spam emails are circulated having a proper subject and its bogus senders projects itself as if they are anti-virus vendors or Microsoft service provider which claims to deliver software updates and technical information. These are deceptive technique and their only aim is to convince the victim for opening the suspicious mail attachments. If you don’t pay attention to the sender name or download email files from unknown sender then you can easily get infected with this kind of ransomware threat. ransomware uses standard encryption algorithm which are programmed to use AES and RSA ciphers so that the targeted files automatically gets encrypted and looks like an corrupted files. When user tries to access it, a ransom message appears on the screen that asks the victims to pay certain amount of ransom money in order to get the decryption key. Surprisingly, ransomware  is capable to encrypt  more 250 file formats including personal multimedia files, MS Word docs, web-servers as well as database managers.

How ransomware does Works?

According to security investigators, ransomware can encrypt files stored in the System hard-disk as well as in the removable storage and shared network drives. The desktop wallpaper will get replaced with a ransom note message image. Additionally, .txt file is stored in the same folder where encrypted files are stored. This .txt files contains the same message which asks user to pay some ransom money in the exchange of decryption key.

How to Restore the Files Encrypted by ransomware ransomware is a very new and advanced file encryption malware hence cyber-experts has not been able to create any free decryption key till now. However, this didn’t mean that you should pay money to cyber-criminals for getting the decryption key. They will not provide the necessary key even after they get the money. So, it better to check your “Backup Files” or “Virtual Copy” of encrypted files. At the same time, scan your work-station with a powerful anti-malware tool that can scan your PC and remove all the files of ransomware permanently so that it could not affect any other files stored in your work-station.

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