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Remove Al-Namrood 2.0 with Simple Steps (Delete Al-Namrood 2.0 Ransomware)

How to Uninstall Al-Namrood 2.0 with Simple Steps

Al-Namrood 2.0 is another iteration of ransomware named as Al-Namrood whose previous version was active few months back. When the first version came, the cyber-experts were very sure that they will develop its free decryption code but unfortunately they took a lot of time and by then a lot of PC already got infected with it. Now the cyber-hackers have come with its more advanced version. The name is same but features and encryption technique is much better and advance. If you too are facing this cyber-menace then be calm and follow the technical assistance provided in this blog. We recommend you to use the automatic process that is to use SphHunter especially if you are a novice user.

Like its previous version, Al-Namrood 2.0 also use similar circulation modes such as freeware attachments, peer to peer file sharing networks, email attachments etc. and gets secretly installed. After settling download, it starts encrypting various kinds of files including multimedia files, MS Office files and many more. There will be a kind of virtual menace when you try to access pictures, Videos, MS excel or MS Office files and so on. It uses the powerful AES encryption algorithm in order to encode the targeted files. The encryption algorithm is executed on the public encryption and private decryption basis. The files extension named gets changed to .namrood. Additionally, it adds a file named as Decrypt_me.txt file where all the instruction about the decryption process and payment of money for getting the decryption codes are provided. However, it is not recommended to pay the money to cyber-criminals in order to retrieve the files. The associated cyber-criminals threat the victims to pay a fine of 10 Bitcoins which is equally to around 6000 USD. The victims are asked to communicate on for clarifying any issues.

How Al-Namrood 2.0 Does Get Distributed?

Al-Namrood 2.0 gets distributed through traditional methods such as spam emails, bundling, and peer-to-peer file sharing networks and so on. The cyber-criminals also use the data steal about the victims through browser hijacker and adware and directly attack the targeted PC. If you see any email attachments from unknown sender then you must not get curious to open it. Not only you can get infected with this serious malware but your workstation might also get a victim of other infections. You must verify the senders on your own if it says that FBI or any other governmental institution has locked your System.

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Remove Guster ransomware virus (Complete Removal Guide)

How to Uninstall Guster ransomware virus permanently

Guster ransomware virus is a data-encrypting malware that locks the files stored in the targeted System. The display wall-paper gets replaced with a ransom note that demands the user to pay 0.4 Bitcoins in exchange of the decryption key. It uses cyptolocking strategy to lock the files and changes its encryption with .locked files extension. Every encoded document such as photos, videos, MS word, MS access etc. becomes inaccessible and you will notice the same ransom note again and again. Guster ransomware virus is different from other ransomware as far as its pattern is concerned. It delivers a black lock screen asking the ransom amount and a VBS audio playing in the background. The ransom note is very threatening and easily creates a panic in user to pay the ransom money as demanded. It actually tries to convince user that they have violated some kind of governmental rules or promoted copyright contents and thus the ransom is imposed from the related authority. The innocent victims easily gets convinced that the threating messages are coming from governmental authority and they get convinced to pay the money as fine which actually goes in the cyber-criminals account.

First of all, you need to stay calm if your work-station has got infected with Guster ransomware virus. Remove any devices that are connected with your work-station and follow the removal process as mentioned below. You must not agree to pay the ransom money. The related hacker will never pay the decryption coded once you pay the money. They adopt a unique strategy to fool the innocent victims. They asks to pay the money in within 48 hours of data encryption and gives as an email ID for communication. You will be asked to wait for 6-8 hours in order to get the decryption code though this email ID. But, will not provide any original decryption key and the email ID that they provide automatically becomes non-functional after few hours.

How to solve Guster ransomware virus

Paying the ransom money is wastage therefore it is recommended to choose alternate option. You may take help of virtual copy or access the encrypted files from backup. Cyber-criminals are using personal data of user as an hostage to make money thus it will be a very good option to create the backup of important data regularly. Scan your Pc with a powerful anti-malware tool so that Guster ransomware virus could not affect or encrypt any files further.

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Remove Zepto Ransomware: how to decrypt .zepto extension

Simple tips to delete Zepto Ransomware

With given information in this page, you will able to uninstall Zepto Ransomware completely. It helps you eliminate this nasty threat from all Windows versions. You just required reading this post carefully and follow below mentioned guidelines.

Actually, Zepto Ransomware is a file encrypting virus that secretly gets active over Windows PC and causes plenty of annoying troubles. It has been developed by group of cyber criminals with their wrong motives and evil intention. Once inside your computer, it encrypts all stored files with extension such as .png, .gif, .xls, .docx, .pdf, .ppt, .pst, .ost, .mp3, .mp4, .flv, etc and others. Due to presence of this nasty threat, you have to encounter with several annoying troubles such as modification to DNS configuration, alteration to homepage search page and others. Whenever you try to open any of your documents, it asks for decryption key to unlock the locked items. Zepto Ransomware virus also shows ransom note on computer screen and demands for 0.5 Bitcoins which come around $365. It also has ability to create file on desktop with name _HELP_instructions.html that will guide you to pay for demanded amount. If you deny paying money, it claims to delete all your data and makes it completely inaccessible.

Along with these, Zepto Ransomware is capable of blocking all active process and running application that interrupts your online session and restricts to perform several tasks both online and offline. It also has ability to drop other malware such as Trojan, worms, rootkits, backdoor, worms and others that drag down overall PC running. It also has ability to create unwanted desktop shortcuts, duplicate files or folders that take huge hard disk space and drag down overall PC running. This nasty infection is capable to spy on all your browsing movement and gather sensitive details that you feed at time payments of online shopping such as banking login details, password of social sites, IP addresses, credit card number and many others. To handle all such annoying troubles, it is strongly recommended to take quick steps to remove Zepto Ransomware. If this threat remains on your PC for long time, it leads situation to bigger troubles such as deletion of important system files, crashes or freezes of computer, hamper of vital hardware components and others.

Nasty activities caused by Zepto Ransomware virus

  • It shows lots of false alert messages and notification that interrupts your online session
  • It has ability to block all active process and running application
  • You will not be able to make use of any external storage device such as pen drives, CD/DVD, hard disk, etc
  • It makes modification to desktop background, creates shortcuts, files or folders and many more

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Remove Guide to delete

Know how to eliminate

If your Windows PC got infected with and you are unable to eliminate this nasty threat then you have reached right place. With guidelines given here, you will be able to get rid of this creepy malware permanently. It helps you to uninstall this pesky malware from all Windows versions. You just need to read below mentioned guide to avoid this annoying trouble.

Actually, is identified as a precarious ransomware infection that has been developed by group of cyber criminals with their wrong intention and evil purposes. It is very popular for infecting mail server, database server, FTP servers, WordPress sites, application servers and others. Once inside your PC, it encrypts all stored files and folders with extension such as .png, .gif, .xls, .jpeg, .bmp, .mp3, .mp4, .flv, .pdf, .ppt and many others. You will not able to access any of your stored documents. Every time, you try to open any files or folder, it display ransom note on your computer screen and restricts to perform any tasks. virus generally comes to your PC through email attachments pretending to look genuine. When you download such attachments and open on PC, it automatically installs malign codes to your computer without any authorization.

Below are some other common tricks that make use to infect your PC

  • When you download stuffs like games, movies, video codecs and other freely from Internet
  • Using infected storage device like hard disk, pen drives, CD/DVD, etc are also cause for entry of such malware
  • Visiting websites carrying porn contents carries malicious codes also makes place for virus
  • Sharing of files in network environment, peer to peer file sharing, etc virus has capability of blocking all active process and running application on targeted computer that restricts you perform several tasks both online and offline. It demands you to pay for $500 or more as a fine to have your involvement in distribution of copyrighted and porn content online. This nasty threat also locks desktop screen and continuously shows warning messages and alerts. If you deny paying ransom money, it claims to delete all you stored files. In such situation the only method that can help you get back your encrypted all deleted data is available backup. To get rid out of all such annoying troubles, it is necessary to take quick steps to remove virus as quickly as possible. If this threat stays on your PC for long time, it leads situation to other bigger troubles such as deletion of important system files, crashes or freezes of computer, hamper of vital hardware components and many more.

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Remove Cerber README.hta Ransomware from PC (Technical Assistance)

How to Uninstall Cerber README.hta Ransomware Permanently

Cerber README.hta Ransomware is a data-encrypting malware that has a highly advance scanning algorithm to find the files that it can lock and then it encrypts it with the combination of asymmetric and symmetric algorithm so that it cannot be unlocked without decryption key. This is the newest version of Cerber ransomware with most advanced features. As compared to the previous version, its data-encrypting algorithm is very strong and it is becoming very difficult for cyber-experts to make it free-decryption key. The basic difference between the older and latest version of cerber ransomware is that newer version uses README.hta file extension in all the stored files. It adds 4 alpha numerical characteristics at the end of each locked files. So, Cerber README.hta Ransomware not only changes the name of the files but also alters its extension name. Once the encryption process gets completed, it becomes totally inaccessible. When you try to access them, .hta text files pop ups which shows ransom note asking the victim to pay certain amount of money. This creates panic and the innocent victims mostly gets convinced to pay the money.

Technical Details of Cerber README.hta Ransomware

According to lab-researches, Cerber README.hta Ransomware uses a new database processes which is closed by close_process directive in the cerber configuration. This Cerber tells to terminate the particular process before starting the file encryption. The current list of processes and directories are being terminated as follow.






The process data files are enabled by the above listed closed processes. If the processes are executing during fie encryption, the next data files will be accessible for encryption by the cerber ransomware. At last, it sends the UDP packed to for the statistical purposes.

How Does Cerber README.hta Ransomware spreads and Work

This malware primarily spread through email, bundling and social engineering tricks. The unverified email attachments, no-cost programs containing additional file attachments, and social engineering scams including unsafe file sharing network often contains this kind of malware infection with them. After settling down, it begins the data encryption process. It tries to convince you to by the decryption code after paying heavy amount. In the meanwhile, it spy on victims activities and tries to steal highly sensitive information such as browsing habits and history, search queries pattern, bank account details and so on. It connects the PC with a C&C server. Even the System files are encrypted by Cerber README.hta Ransomware hence you must take early steps to remove this deadly malware from your work-station. Follow the easy removal process as mentioned below.

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Remove The CIA Special Agent 767 (How to Decrypt The CIA Special Agent 767 Manually)

Easy Tips to Uninstall The CIA Special Agent 767

There is no need to worry or get panic after seeing alerts like The CIA Special Agent 767 on your computer screen because it has no relation with the legitimate Central Intelligence agency. Though, you must need to stop such frequent bogus alerts if you want to work on your PC properly. The CIA Special Agent 767 is a spam that contains fake badge for an agent whose code name is 767 and you will be informed that your personal files has been encrypted because you were involved in some kind of illegal activities. Actually, such notification are triggered by a ransomware that would have secretly entered in your work-station through freeware downloads, software updates, downloading unsafe plug-ins and add-ons and so on. Basically, it locks the computer screen and victim is not allowed to access the desktop and file manager.

According to cyber-experts, the key-board shortcuts and Operating System tools are disabled by The CIA Special Agent 767 hence it cannot be removed through simple Alt+F4 keyboard commands. Though, it will not encrypt the personal files but it does create a ruse so that the victim’s thinking that their personal filesh has been blocked. You will be surprised to know that it asks victims to pay $100 through Bitcoin for offering the decryption key for the files that has been even encrypted. It tricks the innocent victims and they are ready to pay money in panic. First of all, understand that your personal files are still inaccessible. It is the Operating System that is not working properly due to The CIA Special Agent 767 attack.

The executable files used to generate The CIA Special Agent 767 lock screen are mostly stored in the Temp directly of the System partition. The idea of this malware is to scare the innocent victim and make money from them. Don’t believe on fake panic message and don’t even think of paying the ransom money as it is just wastage. You can unlock the screen-locker if you open your PC in safe-mode and scan it with a powerful anti-malware removal tool. It is very important that all the related files and entries associated with The CIA Special Agent 767 is removed completely in order to use the PC properly.

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Delete .Osiris file extension: Effectively Uninstall .Osiris file extension

How To Remove .Osiris file extension: Short Intro to Malware

.Osiris file extension is identified as a creepy ransomware or a crypto virus that’s much similar to Locky ransomware type. Once it assailed, it starts its processes instantly to encrypt all the essential files like documents, sheets, presentation files, programs, games, dll or exe files, and many more. Once the process is completely, the victims may notice their file name is altered. Actually, such file extensions are altered that becomes .osiris. For an instance, if your file name is abc.jpg, it will turn into abc.osiris after the infected targets it. And it’s obvious that trying to open such files or affected programs are hardly possible because of unidentifiable extension to Windows run time program and shows scary error messages. Adding more, in order to emphasize the users in more effective ways, .Osiris file extension even changes the file allocation system so as when the files are called to execute, it shows a text or html message demanding a few bit coins to allow access to their real users who are now a victim. Thus, .Osiris file extension is really a challenging agent that should be dealt with some proper solution and with the guidance of high end PC practitioners.

How .Osiris file extension infiltrates on Windows?

Possibly, a number of online sources available over the internet which are utilized by the PC hackers to distribute malware source codes and to target users worldwide. This tactic is implemented with sole intention to generate a big amount of cyber crime money easily, but the victim loses their values in vain as well. Talking about some possible online media which can be used to spread and inject .Osiris file extension like infections can be many, however, some of the commonly known ones are here mentioned:

  • Junk emails and its attachments are mostly used and sent to individuals often through unknown senders.
  • Malicious domains or private blogs promising to provide premium software without any cost.
  • Unsafe advertisements or pop up banners with commercial links.
  • Peer to peer based file sharing networks.
  • Open data storage network which offers free services.
  • Porn or gaming websites.
  • Freewares or sharewares offered by genuine but contaminated websites.

So, in order to avoid the unwanted malware intrusions over your personal PC, you might be attentive while dealing with such online sources or just try to say no to these malicious means, else your PC get infected in real time. Some of the methods to deinstall .Osiris file extension from a compromised PC is yielded below to help you in current scenario.

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Remove ‘’ Ransomware: Working Solutions

Delete ‘’ Ransomware: Steps To Uninstall ‘’ Ransomware

Is your PC infected by ‘’ Ransomware? Are you unable to access your files due to undesired encryption? Seeking some proven solutions to save your bucks? If you answer any of these interrogations positively then you ended here over a correct junction to learn the world class technique to remove ‘’ Ransomware and protect your PC effectively for future as well.

‘’ Ransomware is one of the scariest malware program tagged under ransomware which is popularly known for encrypting the files and forcing the users to decrypt the files once again using the access key provided by its developers. In order to buy such access key, the users have to make a payment of a few bucks that’s really irritating for those who unintentionally come across facing such calamities. If you are also a victim and being targeted by ‘’ Ransomware for the benefits of hackers, you should never consider paying the asked sum because it’s not the complete guaranteed way to resolve the issues. So, it’s very common thinking to consider actually what possible steps can help you? And the answer is to opt some expert’s consultation and follow their recommendations to remove ‘’ Ransomware either with some manual guidelines or opt a powerful solution that is completely safe and effective way to eliminate malwares.

Irritating Behaviours Of The PC Affected By ‘’ Ransomware

  • Targets any computer running Windows versions including Xp, Vista, and all later ones.
  • Injection of malicious codes on browsers or system to devastate the whole PC functions.
  • Takes over the browser settings as well to redirect over its webpage to let users buying the decryption key.
  • Alters the home screen of Windows to display scary messages with decryption instructions.
  • Corrupts internal data or files to show frequent errors or bugs.
  • Help third party spyware to install and track all your sessions so as sensitive information can gathered easily for making cyber crimes.
  • Provides remote access to online hackers who may steal your private details without permission.

Ways To Uninstall ‘’ Ransomware

Technically, it’s possible to delete or uninstall ‘’ Ransomware from a Windows based computers without any problems but it all needs technical skills in users to do so. Here are some guidelines mentioned as well to allow a victim removing ‘’ Ransomware manually, but is recommended only to those who are capable to follow the instructions without any mistakes. If the mistake takes place, the infection will regain its presence after the next reboot. So, for a novice user, it’s highly suggested to take over their personal PC back and remove ‘’ Ransomware only through the recommended automatic solution only.

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Remove ._AiraCropEncrypted file virus: Steps To Uninstall ._AiraCropEncrypted file virus

Tips & Tips Required To Delete ._AiraCropEncrypted file virus

If you desired to resolve ._AiraCropEncrypted file virus and seeking some real time instructions for the same, then here you reached a right online source to do so. It hardly takes a few minutes for you to read and learn some basic steps through which the removal task can easily be accomplished in a very mean matter of time. Moreover, the mentioned tips will even allow you protecting your computer in future traits as well against all trending malware intrusions which may take place any time and without any prior notice.

._AiraCropEncrypted file virus is notified as a file extension virus or program that is known to infect computers and lock down essential system files or programs or deployed files as well under root directory of Windows OS. This will bring your computer performance and speed to be down in real time leaving you helpless. Moreover, this trick is implemented by online cyber criminals with sole intention to devastate the PC functions partially or completely unless you pay the demanded sum to buy decryption values from cyber attackers. If not, then all the infected files will get deleted automatically and you would have no options rather than to face intolerable potential loss.

How ._AiraCropEncrypted file virus Infects a Computer?

While surfing over the web sources over the internet, it’s much obvious for the PC users to move around malicious or contaminated ones which are associated with several malware terms and inject its source codes through browsers. As a result, the browser settings, registry files, DNS, PC configuration values, etc are all altered in real time and without any prior notice generated on screen. Such online sources mostly includes junk/spam emails, porn based videos or sites, free gaming webpage, torrent based downloads, and many more. So, as soon as you get the infection, it will start damaging your computer in real time, so take the recommended measures in your practice as soon as you end up identifying the secret presence of this malware threats on your PC.

Safety Measures To Avoid ._AiraCropEncrypted file virus

  • Avoid free downloads from malicious or unsafe web sources.
  • Stop watching porn videos, playing online games, downloading freebies from torrent based sites.
  • Avoid clicking unsafe links or pop up based advertisements.
  • Using pirated or cracked software is strictly prohibited.
  • Try not to configure proxy settings of your browser unless you have technical knowledge.
  • Configure a powerful security ends on Windows.
  • Update the security software regularly.

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Remove File Virus: Instant Solutions

Delete File Virus: Overview File Virus is an another program that is potentially unsafe for Windows based computers because it hardly asks any permission from user’s side and start to crumble PC’s security badly. As a result, the system initiates to run slow and sluggish with very worst performance and speed. Apart from this, the system also generates a number of errors regarding corrupted files, supporting programs to software and drivers, and a lot more. Even the installed programs and other aspects also starts to misbehave with you while making session with the infected PC whether it is online or offline. So, if you also recently installed any freeware downloaded from uncertified website and then your system started to behave abnormally while running it, then you must need to scan your system with a powerful antivirus program to find the possible cause.

More Details Regarding File Virus

Most of the times, installed security aspects fails to detect this program on computer because it’s design and development skills are so tactful that it can easily deceive the signatures applied by the antivirus over them. As a result, the user not be able to resolve the errors with themselves. So, if you too are getting it hard to remove File Virus infections from your computer and seeking some helpful uninstallation steps to remove File Virus from your PC safely, then read the guidelines here and follow them carefully to achieve what you are looking for. It’s too a recommendation to learn some effective information which can keep you preventing your personal PC from all terrible malware infections without any massive attacks.

Steps To Prevent A PC From Malware

Running a computer system is really a great experience because it saves our time and money be collaborating millions of functions and features over a single machine. But, there are some safety measures as well which are highly recommended to be followed in daily lives to prevent a PC from unwanted severe attacks from foreign side. Here’s a list of few such prevention tips:

  • Stop running an outdated security solution and update it to the latest signatures regularly.
  • Avoid visiting malicious websites or privately created blogs.
  • Using pirated software is a legal offense as well as it could be calamity for the PCs.
  • Stop downloading free movies, games, or other media files from open sources.
  • Be attentive while accessing junk/spam emails.
  • Scan your PC with a powerful anti virus cum antimalware solution periodically.
  • Keep unwanted advertisements or appealing stuffs over contaminated websites prohibited.

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