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Remove SlimCleaner Plus from PC (Uninstall SlimCleaner Plus)

How to delete SlimCleaner Plus Permanently

SlimCleaner Plus is a misleading and dangerous Windows Optimizer program and is described as a potentially unwanted program by cyber-experts. Its developer uses misleading affiliate marketing technique for its promotion. Most of the time, its free version gets installed secretly along with some free application. After settling down, it does a deep scan of the System and shows misleading result that claims that there are too many severe malware infections in the PC. In the scan result, SlimCleaner Plus shows so many arbitrary files and imaginary payloads and recommends uninstalling it. But there is a trick here. It asks the victims to buy its full version in order to uninstall the suspicious infection. In a way, it is asking money for uninstalling infection and suspicious programs which are actually not present in your work-station. Additionally, it also misuses the personal data that you provide while downloading it such as username, email address, geographical locations and so on.

The developer of SlimCleaner Plus uses your personal credentials for marketing purpose. You would notice a huge increase in the number of messages and emails that you receive on daily basis and most of them would be promotional messages. The misleading marketing technique allows cyber-criminals to make money through commission for pay-per-click. It seems that the developer of SlimCleaner Plus is more interested in your personal credentials rather than in enhancing the System performance. When you will analyze its search-result carefully, you would come to know that It is not showing actual errors. Rather it shows list of file which are totally harmless.

Issues Occurs after Installing SlimCleaner Plus

  • Modifies the contents and keywords of the website that you visit
  • Adds suspicious extensions, plug-ins, apps and so on
  • Exploits the security loopholes and opens backdoor for other malware
  • Works as an installer or bundler for other severe malware infection
  • Constantly irritates with bogus ads, deals, coupons, banners and so on
  • Makes unsafe and unwanted modifications in the registries and System files

SlimCleaner Plus is an unsafe program and you must uninstall it from your PC. You cannot completely uninstall SlimCleaner Plus through Control Panel because it distributes its files and payloads in multiple locations. It again comes back as soon as your reboot your PC. So, you need to scan your work-station with a powerful anti-malware tool that has powerful scanning algorithm and programming logics.

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Remove WowMovix (How to Uninstall WowMovix)

Delete WowMovix with Simple Steps

Have you downloaded the suspicious extension or toolbar from WowMovix Mistakenly? Are you being annoyed by the continuous bombarding of ads and harmful parasites? The tool which you have downloaded thinking as if it is an entertainment tool is actually an adware infection. This is meant to change the browser and other important settings of your PC illegally and leads to a lot of issues for you. There are multiple nasty and dubious products of WowMovix which claims of user’s benefits of one kind or the other. It normally promotes its nasty products using software bundling and social engineering tricks. Due to its stealthy intrusion, cyber-experts categorize it as a potentially unwanted program.

Some of the popular PUPs of WowMovix are “WowMovix Start”, “Search by WowMovix” and so on. Both of these infections replace the default homepage and search-engine of the browser to “ It provides modified search-result for user’s queries and includes so many sponsored commercial webpage in the search-result. The organic webpage results are modified. Even the legitimate webpage starts showing altered contents and its keyword gets bold and hyperlinked with nasty commercial webpage. Many of the users claimed that there Online browsing experience has gone in mess due to ads marked as “powered by WowMovix” or “brought to you by WowMovix” and so on. These suspicious ads are displayed in large banners and ads and they are very hard to ignore. Additionally, clicking on such ads leads to multiple suspicious sources. It deceives the innocent victims with it with its attractive looks but ultimately it promotes affiliate websites and nothing else. The misleading commercial that it shows regularly contains deceptive links which reroutes over predetermined harmful affiliate websites. You will be misguided with the insecure web-contents and so many additional harmful parasites are brought in the backdoor. The related fake ads and modified search-result will mess up the overall Online browsing experience. So, if you want to browse properly and maintain the security of your personal data then you must uninstall WowMovix as quickly as possible.

How WowMovix Attacks the PC?

The installation of WowMovix is definitely executed when you agree to download it. The cyber-criminals deceive the innocent users by bundling the files and payloads of WowMovix with some other free software. It comes as a default attachments so if click on the Next-Next button during the installation process without deselecting the additional attachments then eventually you could have download WowMovix infection in your work-station. It is strongly recommended that when you agree to download any free and third-party program, read its terms and agreement very carefully. Read the terms and agreement and always choose advance/custom installation process. The unknown additional program should be definitely deselected.

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Manuals To Remove Ad by Counterflix

Proven Removal Instructions To Block Ad by Counterflix

Ad by Counterflix represents a deceptive program Counterflix, that’s an adware similar to many pesky programs available over the internet that has affected over millions of computers worldwide. Through this program, a user is enabled to access to various websites or domains that are restricted in their respective countries. Means, this program is a free VPN based service provider that seems to be a legitimate program. But as per the security experts, the program is identified as one of the potentially unwanted stuffs present over the internet due to its additional attributes. It’s first attribute that may be annoying for users is its method to get installed on computers, that is through stealth installation of bundled objects or freewares without seeking user’s intervention. And the second irritating attribute of this VPN service provide client is to keep tracking all your internet browsing activities after being installed and displaying advertisements through using black hat techniques.

After the installation is successful on computer, this advert application instantly use to keep monitoring all your activities whether it be through online sessions or offline ones, as a result, it will easily manage to collect your credentials like IP addresses, visited url details, search queries based on your preferred keywords, usage of search engine on frequent basis, and many more. Even if you transact some commercial products or services and enter the financial details, they would also be recorded by this program which further can be passed to online hackers to misuse your personal assets. Thus, facing the issues like identity theft, data loss, etc are highly expected but can result the victims to suffer high end loss as well.

How Ad by Counterflix are propagated over the internet means?

In order to know about this question, first a user should understand actually why this kind of adware is created and shared free of cost. It’s all for money making purposes because the advertisements or redirects to phishing or commercial webpages are always made only to generate revenue and nothing else. So, in order to make more and more money, the scam developers make use of bundling technique and share the bundled objects embedded with Ad by Counterflix over the worldwide networks through open file sharing sources. Such sources could be many like spam emails, distribution of freeware or shareware items, porn sites, and many more. Clicking any of such associated means, a user can easily install Ad by Counterflix on their computer without their consent and the worst consequences starts to make big impacts on targeted machines. So, considering all these points, it’s very necessary to avoid this program as far as possible and instantly seek the removal of Ad by Counterflix in case it get accidentally installed on PCs.

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Remove Momys Offers Ads from Browser (Uninstall Guide)

Delete Momys Offers Ads from Browser

Momys Offers Ads that are you are constantly noticing while Online browsing is the due to an adware infection and rogue browser extension that secretly got installed in your browser. It is supposed to boost the browsing and shopping experience but unfortunately it irritates the victims by showing bogus deals, coupons, price-comparisons and so on. It is very irritating because it changes the homepage, default search-engine provider, new-tab links and so on. You will constantly notice a lot of advertisements and pop ups on every webpage that you visit.

First of all, you need to understand that that the toolbar and plug-ins that are added by Momys Offers Ads are very unsafe and suspicious. They work like a money-making tool because it constantly generates pay-per-click ads and commercial pop-ups. Your PC security vulnerabilities and loopholes exploited and exposed. Additionally, it is huge danger for the security of personal data. It tries to cheat highly confidential and personal identifiable data related to Online banking history and bank account details. The System gets timely connected with remote servers and your personal data are shared with third-parties. Further, you will notice a huge increase in the spam phone-calls and phishing emails.

Negative Impact of Momys Offers Ads

  • It mess up the browser settings and replaces the default homepage, preferred search-engine provider, new-tab URL and so on. Probably, it replaces every possible URL with
  • The unstoppable unsafe webpage redirections occurs very regularly and this is very irritating and disturbing
  • Manipulates the victims by showing bogus banners, flash videos, hyperlinked contents and so on
  • Alters the important System files and registry entries

How Does Momys Offers Ads Attacks?

There are multiple ways through which browser-hijackers and adware circulates. Bundling, social engineering tricks, peer-to-peer file sharing networks, spam email attachments etc. are some of the easy sources of its attack. So, it is important to be careful while Online browsing. Read the terms and agreement very carefully before approving to download any application in your work-station. Choose advance/custom installation process so that you can avoid downloading unsafe files and applications. If the PC has already got infected then you must take immediate steps to uninstall Momys Offers Ads as quickly as possible.

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Remove Total Deal Search (How to Uninstall)

Details about Total Deal Search

Total Deal Search is a suspicious program because it changes the default homepage and search-engine illegally without permission. Its intrusion is a very secret and it is classified as a potentially unwanted program. After settling down, it constantly bombards bogus deals, coupons, price-comparisons, nasty hyperlinks and so on. This could happen on all the popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, IE and so on. The excessive adverts that it regularly bombards are unbearable. The displayed pay-per-click ads and affiliate marketing promotion are customized according to the Online shopping pattern of victim. Even an accidental click on such ads or just hover the mouse over underlined hyperlinked keyword will redirect the webpage over highly nasty websites. You can unintentionally bring some other malware infection which could be malware, spyware, Trojan and so on.

The developers behind Total Deal Search are cyber-criminals. They use this nasty program as a weapon to drive traffic over sponsored websites. If you take use of its services, you are actually helping cyber-offenders to achieve their nasty desire. Beware that these adware are severe threat for the security of personal data as well. The plug-ins and browser toolbar that is downloads has the capability to spy on users activities and can easily steal highly sensitive information.

How does Total Deal Search Invades

There are multiple ways that can lead to intrusion of Total Deal Search in your PC. Peer-to-peer file sharing network, unsafe freeware downloads, nasty hyperlink clicks, and so on. So, if you are downloading any application then make sure that it doesn’t contain any additional attachments with it. Choose custom/advance installation process so that you can deselect any additional unsafe files. Don’t be in a hurry while downloading or installing and read the terms and agreement very carefully.

Issues Caused by Total Deal Search

  • Constantly shows commercial ads and pop ups while browsing
  • Shows notifications to download bogus software and its updates
  • Constantly irritates with error message and bogus alerts
  • Collects vital confidential information and transfers it to third-parties
  • Connects the PC with remote server of cyber-criminals

The negative effects of Total Deal Search are very severe. It badly affects the System performance as well as compromises with the personal data security. So, it is advised to take quick steps to uninstall Total Deal Search as early as possible.

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Delete ONLINE-GUARDIAN-V2.EXE: Easy Removal Procedure

Easy Guide To Remove ONLINE-GUARDIAN-V2.EXE From Windows

ONLINE-GUARDIAN-V2.EXE is determined to be a perilous adware infection or program that can be potentially harmful for computers. This program primarily enters on computers by various means of packages like freeware downloads, watching porn videos, playing online games, getting junk email attachments downloaded on PCs, and many more. In simple words, this program is downloaded usually in bounded format with third party monetization applications or other possible stuffs, identifying which to be suspicious is hardly possible for novice users. And if the intrusion takes place, you would never be aware of such intrusions in real time unless you face the consequences. ONLINE-GUARDIAN-V2.EXE results almost all of your browsing session to be filled with fake or spam advertisements, promotional links, security warnings and many more, which altogether is meant to force you getting enrolled with fake commercial options. This is proposed on every infected computer with sole goal to earn black money based on user’s regular clicks or visit to malicious marked webpages using black hat technique to promote themselves.

ONLINE-GUARDIAN-V2.EXE is destructive in nature. How?

Running this application would be disastrous for computer users in all possible ways. It use to destroy the whole system performance based aspects leading to throw intolerable online messages on screen. After affecting the browsers, it releases numerous advertisements on your PC to promote third party websites. Visiting such malicious or phishing webpages may even inject more malicious codes silently that further messes up with Windows critical areas inside like registry settings, administrative privileges, and many more. Downloading a number of freeware applications without your permission, it allows them running independently on your PC that eats a lot amount of system resources which causes the system to crash or freeze frequently which may accidentally cause to suffer high end data loss.

In addition to these, ONLINE-GUARDIAN-V2.EXE is found even attributed with more disastrous functions like installing keylogger or ransomware application which forcibly leads you to pay the extortion to cyber criminals due to being scared of various scary messages. With the installation of keylogger, the hackers can keep tracking all your keystrokes, site visits, current IP address, banking credentials and so on. If these data of yours get shared with third parties, you can justify with your own that how terribly the situation would be for your personal aspects. Therefore, as soon as you see any advertisement based banners or pop up Windows seeming injected by some program, but not the webpage you visited, you should take recommended measures sooner to remove ONLINE-GUARDIAN-V2.EXE completely.

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Remove SuperCouponPro Toolbar from Browser (Deletion Guide)

How to Uninstall SuperCouponPro Toolbar

SuperCouponPro Toolbar is deemed as a potentially unwanted program and has been developed by Mindspark Interactive Network. By features that it shows initially, it seems like a legitimate program. It offers printable shopping coupons, deals, ads etc. and tries to prove its legitimacy. However, it is considered suspicious because it has the habit of following user’s activities including browsing pattern and Online movements. It will illegally modify the browser settings and tries to promote several suspicious websites that are sponsored by it. The interesting part is that in most of the cases, SuperCouponPro Toolbar is installed secretly without any official approval from the user. It bookmarks severe commercial webpage in the toolbar and automatically opens them in the tab URL at regular interval.

Details about SuperCouponPro Toolbar

When SuperCouponPro Toolbar successfully gets installed, it changes the default homepage and new-tab URL to This means that if you were using Google as the homepage, you cannot use it anymore. The changes made by this malware are irreversible. While Online browsing, you would notice so many unwanted redirection over and this very irritating. It says that it will enhance the Online browsing experience and claims that it is powered by Google but these claims are always questionable. In the homepage, you would notice SuperCouponPro Toolbar icon at the top right corner. This is responsible for too many issues that you are probably facing such as webpage redirection, bogus shopping coupons, fake security alerts, slow internet speed, freezing of browser and so on. So, instead of enhancing the browsing performance which it is supposed to do, it messes up the basic settings and creates a chaos.

Furthermore, SuperCouponPro Toolbar constantly tracks the Online browsing activities and tries to cheat sensitive information such as IP address, visited webpage, search pattern, Online transaction data and so on. It uses information tracking apps like plug-ins and key-loggers in the background. So, your personal data is not safe and is always at the verge of being cheated. So, rather than providing any value and benefits to the user, the prime aim of SuperCouponPro Toolbar is to make money for its developers.

How SuperCouponPro Toolbar Does Invade?

SuperCouponPro Toolbar is promoted on its official websites as free application. However, it is also circulated through various deceptive distribution techniques such as bundling and social engineering scams. There are bundlers and installers that secretly install it as a hidden program. So, you always be careful about the additional attachments. Choose custom/advance installation process so that you can deselect the unwanted attachments and files.

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Remove Windows Session Console Weather (Spyware Removal Guide)

What is Windows Session Console Weather?

Windows Session Console Weather is a program that claims to improve the Online browsing protection and is designed by SoftMedia which is known to develop serious browser-hijacker in the past such as SafeFinder. It claims to filter unsafe websites, potentially unwanted program and contents but all these promises turns out to be bogus. The feature that it claims looks very useful and handy and the innocent victims easily get manipulated to install it in their work-station. There are a lot of negative things associated with Windows Session Console Weather that is it shows continuous intrusive commercial advertisements as well as tries to follow the user’s activities and cheats highly sensitive personal credentials. Windows Session Console Weather ads are very irritating and dangerous as well as thus it categorized as a potentially unwanted program. It constantly shows bogus notifications asking you to download unsafe programs or update programs like flash player and PDF converter but its main aim is to download harmful spyware in your work-station.

Once the program of Windows Session Console Weather gets downloaded, it starts generating irritating intrusive ads such as bogus coupons, price comparisons, deals, price comparisons and so on. While browsing, you would notice so many third-party graphical contents on every visited webpage. Even an accidental click on such notifications will download harmful malware in the background and will redirect the webpage over unsafe website. The most dangerous part is its spying and data-theft capability. It constantly follows the user’s activities and Internet browsing pattern and tries to steal sensitive information such as IP address, browser history, Online transaction details, search queries and so on. Its developer, SoftMedia is known to illegally user the private details of victims for generating revenue. It stores plug-ins and information-tracking apps in the System which leads to serious data theft. You should definitely not keep adware-types programs like Windows Session Console Weather in your work-station. The claims of enhancing the overall Online browsing experience is a trick to convince you for downloading its suspicious program so that it could deliver intrusive ads as well as collect your sensitive information.

How Does Windows Session Console Weather come my PC?

Windows Session Console Weather is normally added in the targeted PC through social engineering and bundling technique. These bundlers don’t reveal that it is containing any kind of attachment files with them. So, don’t be in a hurry while downloading any program. Do read its terms and agreement very carefully. Choose advance/custom installation option and uncheck additional files. Don’t visit suspicious websites including porn and torrent domains.

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Deceptive Site Ahead (How to fix)

How to Remove “Deceptive Site Ahead” remark

My browser is not performing well as it is showing warning message like Deceptive Site Ahead even if you I try to visit some legitimate websites including Facebook and twitter. Is my browser been infected by some browser or is it controlled by cyber-criminals. Please help.

About Deceptive Site Ahead remark

It is a message triggered by Google Safe Browsing services when you try to visit some unsafe domains. Possibly such message could be shown when you try to visit some social engineering websites which are deceptive and phishing. The purpose is to protect the user from unsafe contents present over Internet. Before the particular URL opens, this service scans the website thoroughly and looks for deceptive button which could be possibly a download button which downloads unsafe program. These restricted website and potentially unwanted and unsafe because they downloads suspicious programs and may cheat sensitive information.

Seeing Deceptive Site Ahead could create panic but it doesn’t mean that there is an issue with your computer security. This is only a suggestion that you should not visit particular website that you are trying to visit as it could have suspicious contents and hidden download. However, you can continue visiting the desired URL by ignoring the message but this is definitely not recommended. However, in some case even the legitimate URL is flagged as suspicious due to advertisements or software download option present in them. Possibly, if your websites is blocked and showing Deceptive Site Ahead then this could be fixed with a little effort. You have to take help of Google Support Page. The complete guide and explanation is provided here to get rid of this warning. The website administrator must have to identify the source of potential unwanted content in their website and remove it. You have to get it reviewed and reevaluated by Google and this could take some time.

Site labeled as Deceptive Site Ahead Remark

  • Sites that contains suspicious and phishing contents
  • Sites that promotes bogus technical support services and asks you to reveal the personal credentials
  • Sites that contains deceptive download option

How to Fix Deceptive Site Ahead message?

It is definitely not advisable to remove Deceptive Site Ahead feature of the browser as it really protects you from visiting unsafe domains. However, if you really want to do then follow the simple steps as mentioned below:

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Go to upper right corner and click on menu option and select “More” icon
  3. Click on “Advanced Setting Option”
  4. Select “Privacy” and uncheck “Protect you device from dangerous websites”

The above steps will restrict the browser from displaying Deceptive Site Ahead message however, you should protect your PC from harmful websites by using a proper anti-malware tool in your work-station. It is very important to protect your PC from real-time browsing malware and spyware and thus use a powerful anti-malware protection system immediately.

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Remove ParentalControl Ads from Infected PC

Removal instruction for ParentalControl Ads

ParentalControl Ads is a newly detected potentially unwanted program (PUP) or Adware that secretly targets all installed browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari and others. It has been created by group of cyber criminals with their wrong motive and evil intentions. Once manages to settle down, it shows lots of commercial links, banner advertisement, sponsored ads and promotional codes that try to attract you for purchasing some spam products and services online. The main objective of this malware is to endorse third party products online to get benefited by earning some commission or rewards in contrary. ParentalControl Ads is very destructive malware that also has ability to monitor your browsing movement and gather information such as your banking login details, IP addresses, credit card password of social sites and others. All these gathered information are automatically transported to remote server of cyber criminals to help them fulfill their wrong purposes and evil motive.

For smooth and proper PC running, it is necessary to take quick steps to remove ParentalControl Ads as early as possible. You can try for Spyhunter Anti-malware to eliminate this harmful infection permanently. If this threat sustain on marked computer for longer duration, it leads situation to other annoying troubles such as deletion of important system files, crashes or freezes of computer, hamper of vital hardware components and many more. Additionally, it has ability to flood targeted computer display screen with several false warning messages and alerts that interrupts your online session and not allows performing single task. It is really very tough to deal with problems related with this malware due to its nature to constantly change its name and location. This nasty threat also adds several unwanted toolbars, add-ons, plug-ins and malicious extension to targeted computer without your any permission or knowledge.

Method opted by ParentalControl Ads to infect your computer and its removal guide

This nasty threat gets active on your PC by using method name as Bundling. It is one most common process that cyber-criminal use to spread spam on your computer. When you go through installation some application and programs, it install harmful code and root itself deep inside system memory. It gets hard for most security application to detect and eliminate such threats. To avoid such trouble, it is necessary for you to make use of Advance or custom mode of installation to avoid such trouble. It facilitates you with option to search for files manually and eliminate completely from infected PC.

To eliminate ParentalControl Ads completely from your computer, you have two popular options such as automatic and manual method of removal. The automatic process is very effective and not requires high technical skills to run the application. While manual guide of removal includes cumbersome and risky process. It needs excellent skills of registry entries and system files to complete removal procedure.

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